And Everything Old is New Again ~ with Keisha Clark

And Everything Old is New Again ~ with Keisha Clark

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January 1, 2016 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

A line from a popular song, a theme for many television shows, a slogan for antique shops…  and how about our bodies and our lives?  Most of the conversations around this topic are about hanging on to stuff long enough that it comes back in style.  And in other conversations we talk about ways to dress up or re-finish something to give it a new life.  So how does that work when it comes to creating our lives?  We are bringing some awarenesses from our conversation of two weeks ago – What Are You Asking For? – to this conversation, to delve more into the energies we are functioning from when we are creating.

Join Keisha on this first day of the New Year to play with what else is possible for creating and receiving what we truly desire.

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