A Soul By Any Other Name ~ Keisha Clark

A Soul By Any Other Name ~ Keisha Clark

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September 18, 2019 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark Radio Show

We tend to place a bit of importance on names while we are here on this planet earth playground.  What about your name – how did it come to you?  Have you ever changed your name?  Are there names that run in your family or family history?  And what about when you are trying to communicate with a being who does not have a body; will they always “answer” to the name you knew them by, or even a specific name at all?  Do our Souls have names?

If you recognize the play on a famous line from one of Shakespeare’s famous works, Romeo & Juliet ~ “…That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” ~ then you guessed it.  This week, we are exploring names and Souls, and does it matter who or what we call them?  Keisha has had some interesting experiences around this, and of course she is sharing them on the show – along with some tools to support You to be lining up with your Soul essence and living it in a way that works for You – every day.


~ More Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark ~

Aligning Divine is all about lining up with Your Divine Essence and living it every day!  Keisha Clark is inviting you to a fresh perspective of being “a spiritual being having a human experience.”  What would you like it to be, for you?

We will dive into topics to inspire and invite you to re-cognize and re-member your Divine Nature, and to become more resonant with your Divine Essence.  What could you truly become capable of, as you shift into greater resonance and alignment with your essence?

It’s time for you to Know that You are required and desired to be participating in the Ah-Mazing co-creation on this planet right now!  Let’s Celebrate the unique, brilliant and powerful expression of the Universe, that is YOU. 


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