A Divine Identity Crisis ~ Keisha Clark

A Divine Identity Crisis ~ Keisha Clark

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May 27, 2020 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark Radio Show

Have you ever had the experience (maybe more than a few) of feeling like you are having an identity crisis? Like everything you knew yourself to be is completely challenged, and what used to feel like your normal instead feels foreign and fuzzy?  And of course when you add something like a global pandemic to the mix, it can get even more crazy and more intense and be even more confusing to know who you are when You can hardly recognize yourself.  So what do you do?

Well – take a breath (take several) and take a moment to join us this week as we explore how those times of crises may be a key part of our aligning with more of our Divine.


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Aligning Divine is all about lining up with Your Divine Essence and living it every day!  Keisha Clark is inviting you to a fresh perspective of being “a spiritual being having a human experience.”  What would you like it to be, for you?

We will dive into topics to inspire and invite you to re-cognize and re-member your Divine Nature, and to become more resonant with your Divine Essence.  What could you truly become capable of, as you shift into greater resonance and alignment with your essence?

It’s time for you to Know that You are required and desired to be participating in the Ah-Mazing co-creation on this planet right now!  Let’s Celebrate the unique, brilliant and powerful expression of the Universe, that is YOU. 


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