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Did you know that your body communicates with you?  Everything you ‘feel’ in your body is actually your body attempting to talk to you.  Say what?!  Some of you might think this total crazy talk! Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.  But, What if it isn’t?  What if your body is constantly trying to talk to you and you just keep carrying on ignoring it?!

Pretty much all of us have something we’d like to change with our body and what if this new point of view, changing your perspective of your body is the key to finally creating that change?  I’m inviting you to a new possibility, one where your body is your best friend.  Now I know this might be a stretch to get your head around so I suggest not trying to get your head around it, don’t try to cognitize the un-cognitizable.  When I first heard this I was pretty sure it was a bunch of hooey! But, I thought I would give it a try, I’d tried just about everything else without much success.  Not long after I decided to give it a go, I saw this image on Facebook, it said something along the lines of:  Hi, body.  I’ve decided to be your friend.  And the body responded, Thank you, I’ve been waiting for you to say that for years.  And when I read that, it was an ‘aha’ moment, it felt like someone lifted a 1000 pound vest off my body and I could suddenly breathe deeper!  Wow, there is something here I said to myself. So I invite you to just try it and see how it is different.  See if you feel better. See if things with your body become easier.

Our bodies are sensate organisms; they are literally, a massive sponge of sensations.  They are constantly gathering data and information to share with us.  They pick up on everything going on around them.  Every positive and negative thought we have.  Every judgment we hurl at it dozens of times a day. If we treated our pets, or anything else for that matter, the way we treat our bodies, they would have left us long ago.  But our body, it’s still here, still trying to get through to us with the hope that one day we will wake up and finally get it.  Is today the day you get it?

It’s pretty simple really.  Change your point of view, change your life, change your body, and change anything.  Our point of view creates our reality; our reality does not create our point of view.  When we have a very specific, narrow point of view about something, like how our body has to change, then that point of view literally kills and stops other possibilities dead in their tracks. Nothing else can show up.  What else is possible that we’ve never considered.  What is possible that our mind doesn’t know?  It’s crazy to think that our mind knows everything that would work, if it did we’d do it and we wouldn’t have any problems! And we all know  that’s not what’s going on!  So, the first step in changing anything is changing your point of view.   Followed by, and the order of these can be flip flopped, ask a question.    If you stop looking at and treating your body like it is the enemy I wonder what other possibility can show up?

I have two tools to start changing your perspective and your relationship with your body.

  • Everyday acknowledge your body. Thank it. Have gratitude for it. Fine the one thing you do like and be grateful for it.  Look at yourself in the mirror and say, Thanks Body, thanks for everything you do for me.  Do this every day for 3 days, either when you wake up or go to sleep.  Pay attention and see what changes you perceive. I’d bet a million dollars something will be different even it if is small.  And, the Universe works in mysterious ways, it rarely shows up the way we expect it to, so, doing this might not obviously change something with your body but could instead change something at work.  So be aware of all the shifts and changes.  There might not be an obvious linear connection.
  • Start talking to your Body. Ask it what it desires.  You don’t have to do this out loud (although I feel the need to confess that I often do!)  Start out with the easy things.  Start asking your body what it wants to eat, and then listen to what you are aware of.  A super easy way to do this is when you are out to eat, run your finger down the menu and it will stop on what your body wants, or sometimes I open the menu and I can literally only read one thing clearly.  That’s what I order.  Do this, as often as you can for 3 days.  The great thing about this is you can’t screw it up.  You’ve been consuming stuff your body doesn’t want for years and it’s still here, so one more won’t kill it!  Try it for 3 days, again, pay attention, be aware of what is different.

So, those are my two tips to get started on changing things with your body.  Try them out.  I say do them for only 3 days cause I have ADD and well, most of the other D’s, and I never do well when I’m told to do something every day for a long time, and I figure I’m not the only one.  Three days is totally doable.  If you forget, do it the next time you remember.  There is no right way to do it; there is no wrong way to it.  Play around and figure out what works for you and your body.  Approach like it is a game and see how much fun you can have!  And, if you find you like the changes that are showing up, keep doing it.  Start asking other questions.  Good luck! Have fun! Make your body your best friend!

Kim Malama Lucien is one of the hosts of Super Scoop of Consciousness and is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Access Body Process Facilitator, Maestro and has been working with a variety of healing modalities for over 15 years.  She is also extraordinarily talented when it comes to business and creating a change with your business which will catapult it into even more.  You can reach her on Facebook at or check out the Super Scoop of Consciousness archives for more information.

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