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What is a gentleman to you?

In this first article, we will examine what a gentleman is to you? Is he a man that opens doors and pays for the meal? Or is he something so much more than that? What if a true gentleman was someone that opened doors to different possibilities? Whether you are a man or a woman this article is for you. We dare you to read on!

One of the things with definitions is that they can limit you. We invite you to play with your definitions of a gentleman and if they are in anyway limiting then perhaps you would like to let them go.

We have a totally different way of looking at what a gentleman is and isn’t. None of it is wrong and none of it is right. We present these new “definitions” for you so you can get the idea that there are other possibilities and that you can change a point of view with ease and have one that works for you!

What if a gentleman is one who opens the doors of possibility for a person to create the reality they desire?

We like this definition because it expands on the idea that a gentleman is kind with women in the physical reality and literally opens up even more possibilities for both the lady and for the gentleman. What would this realty look like if the gentleman was always willing to perceive what the other desires and support that person to actualize those, without any judgment, without any fixed point of view or expectation of how that will show up?

Here are some questions that you can ask and whatever the answers are you can clear them using the Access Consciousness® clearing statement of destroy and uncreate.

  • What definition of a gentleman do you have that is limiting you from receiving the gentleman of your dreams that you desire in your reality
  • What is a totally different way of being a gentleman that works for you?
  • What different possibilities can you be as a gentleman that could create a totally new reality, with total ease?

These questions will work both with gentleman and ladies!

Creating from separation

What if by choosing to separate created more for the both of you?

The Access Consciousness® definition of consciousness is that “Consciousness judges nothing and includes everything.”

In this case we are not using the term separation as exclusion but rather an energy that can be used to create something greater. Separation is a well-used tool in this reality to change relationship. We would like to drill down a little further with this idea and ask if you would actually be willing to use the energy of separation to separate from any fixed point of views about gentleman and relationships that are not working for you!

One great tool do this with is to ask a question like:

What does a gentlemen mean to me?

Whatever answer comes up just say interesting point of view I have that point of view three times and the charge that holds that point of view as fixed will start to dissipate.

When the charge is no longer there you will start to receive and perceive the other person’s point of view without you having to judge them or defend you. But don’t take our word for it try it for your self.

What is a lady from a gentleman’s point of view?

During our radio show when we asked this question a lot of energy came up. Apparently a lot of men have not really been willing to state their point of view of what a lady is, because to do so may invite a lot of judgment.

Many men actually live with a lot of projected judgment and actually think this is quite normal. What if it was not normal but just what has been entrained in us both as men and women?

It is a sort of unwritten law that that is how we create relationship. A man is always wrong and woman in always right. This statement is not aimed at judging anybody but designed to bring up the energy.

If you are resisting it in anyway then there is some charge to it and may be that very charge that is keeping you from creating what you desire.

Our point of view is; anything that limits us from creating the reality we desire is something that we would like to remove. How many of us have walked around with a stone in our shoe for a long time before it gets so irritating that we have to remove it?

A point of view that is limiting us is like that stone. So if your point of view about what a lady is or a gentleman is starting to irritate you, is it time to remove it from your “shoe” and separate from  your fixed point of view?

For me personally (Liam) at the moment, a lady is somebody that is willing to support my creations. For instance, the ladies at are so willing to support my creation. They are in the background feeding me questions, directing me to the how to’s of making a smooth and fun radio show. Setting up all the things in advance and demanding more of me when I step out of creating what I desire.  I am really grateful for them and any ladies that come in to my life that are willing to support what I would like to create.

Have I always had that point of view? No. With every relationship I have created I have asked for certain things. Sometimes, when things start to change an I am asking new questions this means the lady will need to change her point of view  of me and other times it means that separating will create more for both of us.

It’s never about making you right and another wrong, it’s really about asking for what you desire and following the energy of that. This is one of the first steps of creating great relationships with and as a gentleman. That is, knowing and asking for what you desire.

What do you desire as or of a gentleman, that if you asked for it would create a great relationship?

The Two FINE GENTS, Liam and Andrew, desire to empower gentlemen and their partners to create greater relationships. Follow this link to find out more





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