Transform Your Overwhelm to Abundance ~ Danna Lewis

“You had the power all along, my dear” – Glinda, the Good Witch

Let’s roll into yesterday morning- I had a friend staying with me for a few days while she was here from Portland for business and a social event. She’s busy, I’m busy, we found space for a few meals and talks and were okay with that. She was packing up to leave yesterday morning, I had food in the oven and ran out to move my car (it was parked in a metered spot and had to be moved or money put in the meter before 9) so I could be ready for a 9am meeting. I stopped to peek at my inbox – it was overflowing with emails, my kitten was tearing through the house demanding playtime and my body was actually yelling rather loudly for some exercise. And, this article was on the action list to be written!

Fast forward to the car moved, hugs exchanged and my friend has departed (she joyfully played with Zivah, my kitten). I’ve eaten and chose exercise while watching my 9am coaching telecall – jumping over to my computer to type in questions. While the telecall was on (via Facebook Live) I saw my mother posting to FB and tagging me. Emotionally I could feel her tugging for a response, along with the emails all lined up waiting as well. And then I noticed a little knot in my stomach that I hadn’t addressed yet along with some lingering emotions from a dream the night before about my X plus the excitement (mixed with anxiety) now that funding has come through to complete my book publication activities. Excitement, anxiety, an overwhelm about to implode.

While the specifics of my morning may be different than yours, I wonder how many of you can relate to the simple activities, awareness and emotions of life that get backed up at times like a traffic jam? If you are empathic or highly sensitive, think LA traffic jam, think 101 North to Marin at 4:30 in the afternoon or 280 South to San Jose anytime in the morning or evening rush!

My go-to when I sense that overwhelm starting to make it’s play to take over is to stop everything. I stop, I close my eyes and put my hands on my face and take some deep breaths. I get present with my body and I do five things:

I acknowledge everything I’m aware of seen, unseen, heard, felt and otherwise.
I appreciate how abundant my life is that there’s a traffic jam in my world.
I ask what are the most relevant and required actions first / now.
I ask what is to be handled later.
I make appropriate adjustments to my calendar, my environment and my expectations, and then I continue my day.

Going from the verge of frenetic energy and actions to a full-stop allows your body and mind to recalibrate to your energetic intelligence. If you experience seemingly spontaneous mood shifts in crowded places or feel overloaded with information creating a sense of overwhelm, stress or anxiety, please join me for next week’s Luscious Leadership Radio Show episode, “Transform Your Overwhelm to Abundance”.

We’ll be looking at some of the quantum physics and energetic intelligence behind overwhelm and I will share easy tools to transform overwhelm, reclaim your superpowers and strategically utilize your abundance of awareness for a happier life.

Please join me for my “Harvest Series- Transform Your Overwhelm to Abundance”

With Joy & Gratitude, Danna

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