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Tips For Becoming Confident With Conversations About Sex

First, let’s explore what it might be that has people be shy about talking about sex. There are many factors that can play into this.

*Being raised by people who do not mention sex….EVER!

*When sex was ever mentioned it was made out to be very wrong and that the mere mention of it might have the Intelligent Designer of the Universe strike you down with bolts of lightning.

*Being told not to say anything about sexual abuse.

*Cultural, moral, religious, ethnic, influences that dictate that sex and conversations about sex are not acceptable.

*Lack of education on the subject of sex.

*and I am sure there are more….

With so many possible factors that would have us avoid talking about sex, what are some of the things we can do to bust out of the box and start to have way more ease in conversations about sex?

*Let’s practise sex talk like it’s a grocery list (honey, jam, bread, celery…etc. etc. now try it with sex things “blow jobs, pussy, ass eating, hand jobs) They are just words, so let’s neutralize those little bombs by making them less threatening.

* Do you know someone who just might be really comfortable talking about sex? You do, well listen to them more on The Pleasure Zone Radio.

*Plant yourself into conversations that are risque, and might not be about sex at all, it will be one step closer to going all the way.

*Educate: know your body parts to talk about them, know the acts you like to partake in so you can say them.

*Whisper sweet sexual nothings into a recorder (like on your phone) and hear yourself say sexy things. Keep listening until it takes you from uncomfortable to totally horny.

*Get present: feel your body and check out if you are going to die or explode the planet if you talk about sex…you won’t…okay time to play!

*Be willing to go to places no other person has gone before.
This one is very useful for me when talking to my clients about their health. The more I am willing to talk about anything and everything the more people will tell me anything and everything and these are often great clues to assisting changing things in their health.

*Use slang or gibberish to start if you really can’t say the real words like sex…maybe call it something else like “shnardling”. If you find you can’t discuss shnardling we really have some other back steps to go to.

*If you can’t even go gibberish start with watching someone kiss in a movie. Be present, don’t turn, if you are in a room with your parents or kids just expand your energy. Don’t let your turn on be turned off by what society says is “wrong”. You don’t have to masturbate in front of them, I’m just asking you to be aware of your body enjoying being turned on by different things…heck it might even be penguins waddling (note: check out Bonding on Netflix)

If you still find you are really feeling uncomfortable and just can’t seem to muster the courage to converse about copulation you can connect with me for some private coaching or one of my on-line classes.

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