The Bounty of Upleveling Your Life ~ Danna Lewis

“If you own this story you get to write the ending.” ― Brené Brown

And much of it, for quite a while, was about finding things that were deemed ‘wrong with me’ and fixing them. Anyone else have a knot in their stomach when they read that? Let’s keep going…

I know we can find vast amounts of ‘proof’ to back-up our stories of wrongness. I also know the sense of accomplishment that can come with fixing a problem, finding a solution and being our own, or someone else’s hero. The thing is, in a universe built from energy, when your point of view is that you are wrong, that you need to be fixed or that there are constant problems, you perpetuate exactly that. Your point of view begins to create your reality. The energy of your thoughts, feelings and emotions become your physical reality.

In a long-winding turn of events and experiences I’ve lived with and worked with problem solvers. People who would say, “Give me the problem statement” or, “I can’t do anything until you tell me what the problem is.” I began sensing the energy underneath the words and actions continuing to create more problems to be solved. Then, during some personal transformation work I finally heard the path to my own knowing in a paradigm shifting way, “What if there are no problems, what if what you’ve decided is a problem is actually a possibility?”

When we begin to function from the consciousness of possibility versus problem, we begin to acknowledge the wholeness we’ve always been and the capacities we have for continuing to create greater in the spaces of our lives. We begin to reverse the density of judgment into the space of question, awareness and contribution. That is for me the joy of being empowered with your awareness and superpowers.

Join me for a conversation about the benefits of upleveling your life from possibilities
and the pragmatics of priority aligned personal leadership that will generate your life from the consciousness of whole-life wellbeing.

“Harvest Series- The Bounty of Upleveling Your Life”

With Joy & Gratitude, Danna

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