Talking to people.
Listening to people.
Change and Opulence. 

I remember when I was in my beginning days as an entrepreneur (again) and I went to a day long workshop about money mindset.  One of my key takeaways was the facilitator said “I never do coffee meetings”, “I never let people pick my brain for free”  As she was a respected leader, I respected her.  I took that as something that I should be doing in my business too. 

No question. 

No, “What does that do for me?” 

No, “Is this something I should follow in my business”

Fast forward to 2020…

Now we are not going out for coffee meetings, we are not really doing much “non-essential” meeting of any kind in person. 

For the last 12 months, I have been in a mastermind intensive learning something about Human Design and business.   Human Design has been around since the 1990’s and I did hear about it some time ago, but it only presented itself as something I should learn about last year, when a friend, who is also very successful in her business, recommended it to me.  (Correct)

In the last year I have learned that my profile always creates more when I have a conversation with someone, more for me, more for them.  Also, that I don’t have the type of profile that someone could find my stuff randomly, without a warm introduction from a trusted friend, and go ahead and purchase a package of sessions or a program with me. (Incorrect) 

Rewind to 2015… oops.  No conversation + no referrals = no business or very slow business. 

That information to not take coffee meetings and not let people find out what I offer… No Bueno…mauvais conseil… плохой совет…that’s not good information for me and my energy type.

Fast forward to yesterday, I had a meeting with a wicked smart woman from Scotland, as we meandered through what she’d like to be doing in her business and what she is doing in her business and what she’s tried already to varying degrees of success in her business, it became very obvious that she requires to have a lot of conversations to fill her client roster.  So, were she to take on the same “I never take coffee meetings” rule of thumb in her search for a business that fills her heart and wallet, she’d be spinning and broke.   

You may already know this about me, I have a high degree of intuition that I use in my business consulting, and I kept getting the word Opulence flitting through my brain.  I asked her “What is Opulence to You?” She told me that it was something that she would really not entertain as a possibility, like a Bentley or an Austin Martin, people who have a whole stable of horses and don’t actually ride them, and the like.  I invited her to the possibility that perhaps Opulence could be a pantry that is stocked with lovely biscuits and really nice tea, a refrigerator with excellent cheese and cold sparkling wine, a fireplace crackling, even when its not really cold out, the heat turned up to 25 degrees Celsius just because you are chilly, a getaway weekend just because you were bored, not because you had to visit a relative or a client.   She said “That’s a definition I could get behind, and also shared that her former boyfriend was constantly turning out the lights in rooms she would like left bright and cozy on a cloudy day. 

This morning.  

Yesterday’s wicked smart woman: “In the spirit of opulence, I booked myself a week away by Loch Lomond next week” 

“Oooo! Let’s see????” I replied. 

She sent me pictures of the gorgeous resort, complete with Spa and thermal pools. 

Wicked Smart Woman: “Realized that I was letting fear of covid get me down…. And the Spa is open by appointment, I so need to Swim!”

She also took me up on a recommendation to look for government grants and money for her business and applied and received one.  Just like that.  

Her energy was changed. 

She even had a conversation about her opulent getaway with someone who would think it a “Bentley Car” of a choice to be making. Normally she’d have hidden her choice away, or not made it at all. 

Wicked Smart Woman: “Thank you…. Opulence seems to have triggered something, how do I work with you?”

What I’d like to leave you with, Dear Reader, is that it’s very rare to have anything worthwhile show up without a conversation.  

In fact, I can say everything that has shown up in my life as delightful work, that really fills my heart and satisfies me, has shown up as a result of a conversation.  

So, what conversations are you having?

What energy is ready to change?

Are you a woman business owner looking to expand your freedom and create sustainable financial flows and wealth at the same time?  I’d love to have a conversation with you.   

Reach out?

Jennifer Cramer Lewis


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