Subliminal Soundtrack – What Is Your Money Mindset Creating?
With Mindset Coach and Facilitator of Change Jackie Mott

By Kim Dietrich,

On her radio show Time to Rise and Thrive mindset coach Jackie Mott explores the tremendous sway of our subconscious messaging over what we create in our lives. Her recent episode – Subliminal Soundtrack Re-Set #1: What Are Your Money Messages Creating? relates key moments from her personal history to illustrate how early money lessons can keep us stuck in difficult circumstances. We witness Jackie shift from a poverty mindset to one rooted in abundance as she develops a healthy relationship with money. As her inspirational story demonstrates, that consciousness shift is the true path to the wealth we all desire.

The Power of Early Programming

With financial struggle a constant reality in her childhood home, Jackie formed strong, negative beliefs around money at an early age. She recalls a difficult memory of her nine-year-old self delivering heavy Sears catalogues to help pay for clothing and extracurriculars. While still in grade school she internalized the twofold concept that money is very hard to come by, and you have to work really hard to make a buck.

Jackie became a mom at 17 and stayed afloat either collecting welfare or working for minimum wage. Fear of losing what little she had kept her thinking small and avoiding risk. Eventually turning to student loans to attend college, she became even more adept at stretching a dollar. Despite going on to graduate at the top of her class, her deep, early programming continued to hold her back; she accepted the first low-paying job offer that came her way. Unable to see beyond the life she had always known, she was entrenched in what Law of Attraction proponent Katherine Hurst outlines as the five signs of a poverty mindset:

  1. lack of ambition
  2. pessimism and self-pity
  3. deep jealousy
  4. fear-based decision-making
  5. a strong focus on what you don’t have


Jackie credits William W. Woodbridge’s inspirational short story, That Something as having been a powerful catalyst for change at that point in her life. Published in 1914, the book is credited by prominent historical thinkers – among them prolific inventor Thomas Edison and self-development pioneer Paul J. Meyer – for inspiring success. Woodbridge’s work describes an intangible inner drive, possessed by everyone but harnessed by few, as vital for success. For Jackie the mindset shift that followed was key; she realized for the first time that her circumstances need not hold her back. It dawned on her that success was there for the taking if she reached for it.

A Lightbulb Moment

Jackie’s bigger thinking eventually spurred professional growth and modest financial gains. Years passed and her family moved westward. She recounts another critical moment: late one night before a major household move, Jackie scribbled out rough estimates of her family’s financial projections. The exercise revealed that they stood to be flush with money over the coming months and years. She felt a glimmer of hope and the mental shackles of her poverty mindset began to weaken. For the first time ever, she recalls, escaping financial hardship seemed within reach. The ensuing sense of hope and possibility was pivotal, Jackie relates. In the wake of this mindset shift, money began to flow in a way it hadn’t before.

Wealth Mentality

Inspirational author Alan Cohen declares that a healthy wealth mentality will generate wealth for you wherever you go, while a lack mentality will keep it from you. Accordingly, he pronounces, “money is not the answer to problems; wealth mentality is”. Looking back over her life, Jackie can’t help but agree. In hindsight it’s clear that her Subliminal Soundtrack held greater power than her circumstances themselves. As she considers the rewards that accompanied her own mindset shift, she encourages us to look closely at our beliefs around money. Though our early money lessons may be deeply ingrained, change is possible. No matter what our circumstances, experiences or hardships, it is our mindset that has the power to propel us forward.

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