5 Tips to Create Your Wedding with Ease

This article is inspired by the show “Creating A Wedding Celebration with Ease” on Infinite Energies with Lisa.

Can you imagine your wedding (or any celebration) exactly the way you want it? Of course you can! You’ve been dreaming of it since you were little: the dress, the church, the groom. Yet somehow, when the day comes, it’s never as perfect as it was in our imagination. Actually, you may find that it didn’t turn out at all like you pictured and it was still perfect – but STRESSFUL!

The good news is that you can make it more ease-ful and more of what you’ve dreamed of by following these 5 tips:

Chill Out! It’s “Just” a Party!

Of course this party comes with a few extra details that you may not normally have such as a caterer or a church or that fancy dress. In the end, everyone will be there to celebrate the two of you; all your guests care about is you and your beloved. There may be (okay, there will be) things that go awry. Relax! The best accessory you can wear on your wedding day is your sense of humor.

The Only Thing That Matters is That You and Your Beloved Say “I Do.” No matter what happens through the course of the day (or the month preceding the wedding) what really matters is your choice to be with this person. Those things that seem to go so wrong can often become your fondest memories of the day.

Honoring Family Traditions Doesn’t Mean Compromising You

We don’t always live or practice family traditions in our everyday lives and that’s okay. Times are changing. When planning a wedding, the balance between tradition and modern times can be tricky to navigate. This becomes even more complicated when family members are contributing to your wedding financially. (Keep reading for more on that!)

You can choose to honor your family and uphold a tradition without having to adopt it as part of your beliefs or daily practices. There is always a way! This may take some diplomatic discussion along the way and in the end it will be worth it. Honoring traditions can surprise you. You can have more joy than you imagined as you see the awe in a loved one’s face in a traditional moment. You may also get a sense of feeling warmly connected with the generations of love that have gone before you. And you may be surprised at just how many modern twists are enjoyed by the elders in attendance.

Honoring family traditions, even when they seem ridiculously outdated, can create great memories and a smooth start to becoming part of a new family.

Financial Contribution Does Not Buy Control

If someone else is contributing financially to the wedding, their ideas and opinions matter. That being said, their contribution does not give them permission to take over. Sometimes it can seem as if they are planning their wedding instead of yours; speak up and create YOUR day. Planning a wedding can bring out your negotiating and diplomacy skills more than you can imagine!

There may be requests (or thinly veiled demands) that may be wise to accommodate; use you’re awareness when choosing them and grace when declining them.

And speaking of finances …

Set Aside 10% of Your Budget for Surprises

Oh those surprises WILL happen!

Extra expenses don’t only happen as you cruise through a bridal expo. Although, bridal expos can be overwhelming and budget busting. If you go to the expo with a clear idea of what you’re looking for and information gathering as your target, you’ll be less likely to break the bank there.

I’m talking about the surprise expenses that pop up either just before the wedding or during the wedding. No matter how precisely you’ve planned the day and tried to pay for all the major expenses well in advance, things will always pop up that only cash can resolve. Don’t let those moments cause extra stress; have some of your budget set aside for them.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to use some of that 10% for something special on your honeymoon!

And finally …

Ask “What Do I Want This Day to Look Like AFTER the Celebration?”

Your wedding day, like any other is 24 hours long. It will come and go in a flash. The memory of that day is what you will carry with you throughout your life together. How would you like to remember it?

Did it create ease between you and your new family? Did it honor the people you would like to honor? Did it honor you and your beloved? Did it reflect the love and joy between you and your beloved? These are the questions that can guide your choices throughout the planning process and the day.

Enjoy – in joy!

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Written by Carol Glover.

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