Standing Between Two Generations of Good Men ~ Beth Golden

I was feeling very emotional as my youngest son prepared to be married.  Another passage with joy and tears. I cried whenever I dropped either son off at kindergarten for the first time then middle school, high school, college and as I release them into their callings in life. Both have developed into amazing young men of keen insight, respect, good communication and being providers for their young brides. I’m touched and honored to be their mother.

I was emotional as my 89-year-old father and his wife of 40 years were not able to attend the wedding as my father was recovering from a hospital stay. A brilliant man who is in good spirits yet dealing with a body that is betraying him. I see him differently now…with more love, patience and respect as his timeline quickens.

I was emotional as I am the middle generation. As I look forward I realize I have at least 15 strong years before I choose to retire. I feel a sense of urgency to create my legacy, my impact on the planet.  My heart quickens…don’t move from fear…move from courage. Speak up, Speak out.

From all the stories and accolades of my life and the lives of others, the bottom line is we come from love and go back to love, yet quite often we find ourselves in a morass of confusion, anxiety and monkey chatter.  What if each and every day we woke up saying “How can I be love to _____ today?” or “I am love…help me to see the perfection in each person’s being and call them to their higher selves”.

As I stand with one arm outstretched to release my son once again into a new phase of life and the other arm outstretched to honor and release my father into his final days, months or years of life I stand in a new circle of light…I’m in the center…it’s my time to share my trained and innate gift of seeing each person for the lovely individual they are. I am blessed to lovingly help people rekindle their own light of knowing. My heart is soft and filled with gratitude…My eyes are filled with tears…how wonderfully blessed am I, as I stand between two generations of good men. As I observe another passage in life I feel the twinge of grief falling over me, as well as, the light of joy…I’m once again reminded of the importance of loving myself & all sentient beings, living in gratitude and allowing the Universe to move on my behalf.  May you be filled with the light of love.

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