Beyond Speech: Limitless Communication with Lauren Polly  

Communication has always fascinated me…  It’s striking to watch two people who have very individual senses of who they are, what they would like to express and create and to see how they come together to do it.  It’s funny how a choice of words, body language or energy can create more in the communication or how those choices can derail it and create upset and confusion.

Communication is a nuanced skill.  Some people have a natural ease with it.  They are able to include and interweave all of their skills with words, knowledge, awareness, body language and energy to invite people in.  They do not exclude aspects of themselves or others.  There is a sense of ease with them where you can let your guard down, open up, speak up and receive what is being communicated.   From there an open space for creation with them can flourish.

Most of us come at communication with a force, a singular purpose and an excluded point of view of ourselves and the people we are engaging with.  We tend to talk at people, not with them.  This narrows the possibilities of what can be created and leads to more of a sense of isolation, confusion and lack of clarity.  What if there was another way?

Ask yourselves:

What am I looking to create with this communication exchange?

If I wasn’t judging them or me what would I express and how would I do it?

What invitation can I be with my clarity, expression and inclusion?

What language can I use to have them receive my message?

What if there was far more to communication then just the words you speak?  And how can building your awareness and skills around that create more possibilities for you and for those you interact with?

Lauren Polly is an Author, Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist.  She facilitates a specialty class ‘Breaking the Rules of Engagement’ internationally.  These classes are 1 to 2 days of exploring your skills in communication which can lead to greater ease with creation.   She is also the host of “Beyond Speech Limitless Communication Radio show” on every Monday night at 7pm PST.

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