A Sense of the Divine

Are you missing a sense of the Divine in your life? How often do you stop to notice the wonder of the little gifts placed right in front of you? 

How about taking a walk, and because you’re not zooming by in the car you’ll have the opportunity to see some exciting and funny bits of nature along the way. One morning as I was huffing and puffing up a hill I noticed a snail hanging by its tail…belly up to the sky while munching on a purple flower. It looked as though it was doing morning exercises.  How odd and vulnerable to expose its soft underbelly to any number of birds flying by. Now that is a sense of the Divine.

How about the beauty of an eagle in flight or sitting on a frozen lake having a meeting with its mates? Have you witnessed a kite hawk flapping its wings as it stays stationery in the sky looking for a morsel to eat? Or a turkey buzzard soaring overhead…they have huge wingspans with glistening black feathers. 

A hummingbird made its nest in a plant right by our front door. I went outside one day and heard a whirr as the momma flew by my head. She hatched two babies and we got to watch them grow from two little jellybeans with beaks into full grown hummingbirds in about two weeks time. Amazing!

If you walk near the coast you might see white and grey herons in beautiful flight, their long slender legs trailing behind them. Or the bombardier pelican squadrons on their daily runs up and down the shoreline. I get a sense of the Divine when I see an elderly couple tenderly hold hands… helping each other along. I’ve seen granddaughters push grandmothers in wheelchairs so they can enjoy the beauty of the day. Or puppies clumping along with their too-big paws. I’ve seen sandy babies with happy faces. Or seals in odd places and dolphins dance in and out of waves. 

Do you ever surrender your List-Of-Things-To-Do, trusting you will be blessed whatever the outcome? Do you allow yourself to be derailed in order to make room for Divine appointments? Those serendipitous moments that can make your day! You are God’s hands and feet on this earth. You are Earth Angels especially when you slow down enough to look around for those Divine moments when you can either bless someone or be blessed.

It doesn’t matter where you live there are glorious moments in nature to behold. They connect you with the earth and remind you we are all held in a delicate balance. Are you missing a sense of the Divine in your life?  Slow down, breathe and know that all is in Divine order…you are surrounded by the Divine…you house the Divine. You are Divine!

Beth Golden, PhD, Transformational Coach – Author – Speaker – Facilitator

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