The Language of Nature Radio Show

The invitation was a surprise. A bit late in the season for an outdoor event but, no worries; this was a vacation destination. Crestone, Colorado – where the San Luis Valley meets the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. The Rockies. Base elevation 8,000 feet (2134 metres).

Who’s hosting? A couple of rocks. No, I wasn’t stoned.  Call it telepathy or perhaps the ‘sound before sound’.  I was sitting on the deck of a chalet, enjoying the mountain view, when the invitation arrived. Like the bartender serving up a drink, “from the guy in blue at that table.” Two rocks to my left.

“Greetings to you, ancient rocks. Who are you?” I inquired.

They said they are the Guardians of the Location, eager to commune.

“Can we use names for our communication?” I asked. Human seeking familiarity. Introductions comin’ right up.

“Eloise”. The shorter one.

“Perhaps she’s an old fashioned gal,” I thought before noticing that ‘El’ is a Hebrew prefix meaning, God. ‘Loise’ can also be spelled ‘Luis’, as in the San Luis Valley. It was our location. Eloise: God’s presence in the Valley.

Her partner stepped up, “Elroy”.

He went on to explain that ‘-roy’ is an abbreviation of ‘royal’. Elroy: God’s royal presence. These were rocks with character.

In case this seems weird, consider that throughout antiquity many traditions have acknowledged the presence of rocks. The Bible describes two pillars who had names! Boaz and Jachin were guardians of the sanctuary in King Solomon’s Temple [2 Chronicles  3:17]  Hmmmmm….I wonder where Eloise and Elroy were during that time. One thing is certain. They were rock ‘n rollin’ before I was born on this planet and they will be here long after my departure. Ancient rocks who like to party.

Picture1Of course rocks do not have eyes and are not able to move about, but they are able to move their consciousness from within. Check out the photo of Elroy. Do you see two crystals pointing up? They weren’t actually there. They are recessed stones like the many others that comprise the composite of his grandeur. Elroy sure lit up the party!

Check out Eloise. She got all dolled up. Yes, those nooks and indentations were always there but they only reflected the lighting, connecting to resemble facial features once the party got rollin’. And, just as humans tend to do, Eloise and Elroy invited a few friends. See their guests? Smiles all ‘round.Picture2



Sensing that noise complaints would not be an issue, I called on a few friends of my own. Humans who collect crystals. Soon double-terminated quartz, celestite, pyrite, malachite and other glowing crystals were enjoying the company from their ‘seats’ on a small bench.

Picture3An auspicious moment. I telepathically asked Eloise, “Do you have any wisdom for me?” Shiiiiiiffffftt. Out of Eloise and into the evening air streamed thousands of tiny, glowing beads of light. From Eloise with love. Have you ever sprayed water from a garden hose? If you can remember separating the water by pressing your thumb over the opening, that is what this resembled. A fine mist, not of water, but of light particles spraying in an arc from the ancient rock known as Eloise to my heart. A “wow” moment.

Quantum Mechanics (QM) examines the movement and properties of light. Discrete energy units, called quanta, function as either particles or waves. According to author, Barbara Hand Clow, light as frequency waves functions over the entire spectrum of radio waves, microwaves, infrared light, light, ultraviolet light, X-ray, and gamma rays. I adore the suggestion that, “being able to imagine things as visible light encourages us to think in many dimensions.” [Alchemy of Nine Dimensions] Well, I had asked Eloise for wisdom and while not fully understanding the meaning or the message of her light show, I nevertheless remain grateful for the exposure and delighted by the mystery.

Picture4“Thank you for inviting me to your party,” I said preparing to make my exit, ‘It was an honour.”

“You are the party!” called the little rock with a wise-crackin’ face. Most memorable good-bye.

Ancient rocks and trees go dormant when they are not acknowledged. They continue to serve Mother Earth, but they may not put forward the effort to present themselves to humans unless or until we ask. To receive your invitation, step forward with an open heart and…join the party.

Nature Communicator, Madii Kasem


Inspired Choices Network