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Removing the Labels That Limit ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

How disabled is someone truly? Have you ever met someone who is “disabled”, and they proved to be more able than you? Did their creativity and persistence inspire you? Aren’t most of us disabled in some way, mostly from the judgments we carry about ourselves that limit our talents and abilities? I suppose that a person could choose to use being “disabled” as an excuse to stay stuck in life or to blame others for their lack of using the other abilities they do have.

What in your life is disabling you?

What about a “mental” disability? Why are people so quick to label someone as disabled merely because they lack the same abilities or because they can’t function optimally in the same environment? Are we doing them any justice by making it mandatory that they be labeled so that they can get the “help” that they need? What if we just offered to support people with what will assist them in being successful in life? Whatever that is?

What if we could just recognize that we don’t all have the same abilities and that one ability is not better than another? What if we could see that people with ADD or OCD or Autism or any other label, are very gifted and have much to contribute to the world? What if we could stop making them fit into the “norm” and allow them to thrive in an environment that supports and encourages their talents and abilities? How many of us are actually more like this than we will admit?

Isn’t it interesting that people with Downs Syndrome are pitied for their slow ways and their lack of understanding of this world? And yet, have you ever met anyone as loving and caring as someone with Down’s? Do you feel judged in their presence or accepted? What has more value; the way a person cares for the world or how smart they are? It makes me wonder who the stupid people really are.

Finally, as far as abilities go, have you recognized your abilities? You have them and your abilities allow you to be you in ways that are different from others. Have you seen yourself as disabled? Or do you see the brilliance of you? Do you focus on what is wrong with you or do you see all that is right with you? What if what you think is wrong with you is really what is strong about you?

As a last thought to ponder; What if there is nothing wrong with you at all and by being in allowance of who you are right now, you get to be more present and aware? You get to make the changes that you choose so that you can be even more of who YOU be, not what someone thinks you should be. So drop those self judgments and celebrate the marvelous being you truly BE!

Mary Dravis-Parrish, Parent Whisperer, Author, Speaker and Host of Be You Parenting radio show devotes her messages to empowering each individual to be all they can be.

Mary Dravis-Parrish has over 25 years of experience as an educator, trainer, empowerment family coach, and speaker.
Mary is dedicated to bringing greater possibilities to family living that allows both parents and children to live life that is true to their inherent uniqueness.

She is the author of Empowered Parents Empowering Kids, A Guide to Be You Parenting.   Her radio show, Be You Parenting on Inspired Choices Radio Network, offers tips and insights for today’s empowered parents.

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