Polarity ~ Corinna Stoeffl

Corinna Stoeffl

Polarity ~ Corinna Stoeffl

How much polarity have we encountered recently? It has intrigued me and I have taken a closer look at it. Here is what I have found.

Judgment is what creates polarity; no surprise here. Since we are so entrained to judging, polarity is part of our world. Polarity results in separation by creating groups of people like me and those not like me; it allows exclusion, creates discrimination between the members of different groups, and most of all, it is necessary to have wars which are alway waged against those that are not like us and therefore the enemy.

Nowadays, polarity is supported by the media which take sides and report what is supporting their respective points of view. It’s no longer the attempt of reporting facts. There is the good, right, just pole of polarity that needs to resist the bad, wrong and unjust pole. Is this really getting us somewhere? Is this serving the greater good?

These polarized points of view do not arise in a vacuum. People come to them based on a multitude of ‘reasons’, believing that their life experiences form their points of view. Despite me knowing it is the other way around – my points of view creating my reality – I can still talk with the other to find out what led to their believes. What if being willing to communicate with others opens a door that is closed by resisting the other.

There is the concept that ideas or points of view die due to beginning neglect. Polarity can only exist if there is the resistance, the wall against which to bang. If there is allowance for the other’s point of view, there is no feeding of energy. What if we show it is possible to agree to disagree? What if we have the courage to be in allowance of a different point of view, especially the person who holds it?

How much is our resistance to points of view we decided are wrong arising out of our felt need to control our lives? What if we can only come to the judgment of something being wrong because at some time in the many life times we’ve had, we have done exactly that which we judge today.

What if the increasing intensity of the polarization that surrounds us is the invitation for us to choose different. What if we recognized that polarity is a choice we are making, more often than not a non-cognitive choice. What if we are more diligently in choosing non-polarity, in being willing to be aware of what we are creating with our choices. What if we become vulnerable enough to recognize that we can’t control others, we can only invite them to something different. That invitation comes from us being willing to be different, to act different without an expectation that someone else changes. What if we become willing to be the leaders of a different way of being, one that goes beyond the polarization.

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