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Now that I got your attention let me tell you this: There is no poverty in the whole Universe! It simply does not exist. In fact, poverty has never existed nor will it ever exist. Poverty is simply not true!

Okay, okay, I hear you. “Nicole, poverty is very real! Look at my bank account. Look at the homeless people in the streets. Turn on the TV! I see poverty everywhere!” Darling, it’s still not true. However, I get your point. And I can relate to it.

In fact, it’s not too long ago I literally had no money myself. Still I did not feel poor. I simply had no money at a certain point of my life. However, I knew that I have not only caused it myself but also that money would flow in my life again easily if I just allowed it.

And here comes the tricky part:

1. You have to ask for abundance / money (or anything else you desire)

2. You have to be willing to receive it

3. And stop planning your next “I-don’t-have-money-oh-poor-me-party”

And last is what most people do! And maybe you do it, too?! If people put same energy they invest in complaining about not having money into actually generating money, they had it almost immediately! So what’s the value of complaining your lack of money with the same dedication other people plan their next party? Be honest with yourself! There must be some sort of joy in it. Otherwise you wouldn’t do it. Is it that you want to fit in because everybody is complaining? Is it that you wouldn’t know about what else to talk? Do you believe that money is the root of all evil? Oh, by the way, did you know that the saying “Money is the root of all evil” was invented by rich people? I’m not kidding. Rich people invented it so that you – yes, you! – won’t choose to have money. Now that you know it are you willing to drop that belief? This saying already was a lie when it first was spoken out loud.

Question remains: Where does all the poverty come from we see everyday when it’s not real? The answer comes in many ways, yet all of them are easy. First, what we call “poverty” for the Universe is an “abundance of lack”. Sounds like a play of words but – sense into it – it’s profoundly true. The Universe doesn’t know “absence of…”, it only knows “full of…” or “abundant of….” Second, poverty is a trick of mind. Your mind works magnificently but often times it’s used in not so optimal ways. Your mind is perfect for computing things it already does know. Also the mind can’t look into the future and if it tries to do so, it will always provide you with a future that is based on past experience. Even worse it provides you a future that most probably is based on past NEGATIVE experiences. So imagine the future it will give you. Not so bright, eh? No wonder we have started believing in lack already eons ago. It maybe wasn’t the lack of money but it well could have been the lack of food or other necessary means. So is not the time to change your point of view and start seeing abundance everywhere. And it’s really everywhere. Just open your eyes, dear.

And how do you get out of this “mind f*ck”? The one and all solution is: CHOOSE IT! Choose to get out of it, choose money, choose abundance, choose whatever you want to. Everything is available to you. Right now. Right here! Once you choose, everything starts flowing to you. It CAN’T be any different. BUT: You have to allow it and YOU have to CHOOSE first. There is no way around it. So instead of planning your next mental poverty party, choose whatever you want to choose and go to a real party instead. Also: Did you noticed that there is a “dance” in abundance? What if you could dance yourself right into abundance? I think I will give that a try myself….

Nicole Saynara Lellek

Inspired Choices Network