As we pass the one-year mark of the pandemic, how would you describe your life? Is it filled with trauma, drama, and suffering? Or is your life full of ease, fun and adventure? Social isolation may have wiped out the opportunity to do much exploring around the world, but there are still ways to fill your days with joy. Choosing to fill your life with orgasmic energy can be one great way to do so.

When we talk about orgasmic energy, most people automatically think of sex and copulation. But orgasmic energy isn’t just about sex. It’s about being present, feeling great and believing you’re on top of the world. A lot of times, orgasmic energy feels so great it’s hard to put into words! Whenever you’re being fully present in the enjoyment of the moment – in the intensity of what your body is experiencing – you’re living the orgasmic life.

The happiness hormone

Our bodies tingle and feel alive when we’re filling ourselves with orgasmic energy – it allows us to tap into the magic of life. It’s that living force that allows us to regenerate and heal. We can make a conscious choice to be in that energy all the time – we can experience orgasmic energy just by being more present with our own bodies.

We often treat our bodies poorly – abusing and taking them for granted. But we can choose differently; rather than judging and mistreating our bodies, we can love them instead. One way to do that is through touch. When our body receives touch, our brain releases oxytocin – the happiness hormone. So, the more pleasant touch you receive, the more oxytocin is released, and the happier and healthier you are. If you can’t get that touch from others right now, why not give it to yourself? Or you could welcome a pet into your life – a warm, playful animal to love and touch and stroke. What could that create for you?

What are you creating?

In life, we create where our focus is. If our focus is on welcoming in more orgasmic energy – more joy, ease, fun – that’s what we’ll create. Instead of creating our lives by focusing on what we don’t like or what we want to avoid, we can fill ourselves up with what lights us up. We attract what we focus on, so figure out what you love and zero in on that.

Maybe that’s enjoying a warm mug of tea on a bitterly cold day while making your way through the pages of a new book, or sipping a cool, refreshing cocktail while sunning on a warm terrace. Maybe it’s spreading rich, creamy butter on a slice of crusty bread with a glass of fine wine before you enjoy an elaborate meal. Or maybe it’s a hot slice of pizza eaten on the couch while watching your favorite old movie. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Essentially, anything that brings you and your body pleasure, can help you love your body. Anytime you are staying present in what your body enjoys is a chance to welcome in more orgasmic energy.

You can choose to have fun no matter what’s going on. As more orgasmic energy flows through your body, it will cleanse your body’s energies. Yes, we’ve all been isolated and cut off from each other for a long time. But we can shift what we’re creating to welcome in things that bring out orgasmic energy. We can turn to that energy as the antidote to all the suffering of the pandemic. What could that create?

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