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Keeping It Sexy In Your 60’s & Beyond

For some of you who are reading this out of the total curiosity of whether sex will even be possible for you in the future, don’t fret, it will be possible.

If you have had a pair of underwear for 60+ years it might not be the same as it was when you bought it. Why on Earth would you assume your body would be the same as it was when you first got it? Bodies change, what does your body like now?

Keep It Simple Sillypants. Let’s just take penetration off the table at first. Take away the pressure of needing to be wet enough to be penetrated and the need to have your Johnson stiff enough to penetrate.

Phew, not let’s look at it in a different light…

What have you never tried that you would like to try, that you know if you ask for it people will either consider you senile or really gutsy? Are you willing to ask your big asks?
If you have cum this far in life without your big asks being fulfilled, is now the time?

What is a big ask? It’s all those naughty little or big things you have filed away in your head only to be used for fantasies during masturbation.

Oh, that’s right I went to the M word. Masturbation, what a great joy. Mutual masturbation can be a fun playful way to enjoy touch again…don’t make it about the climax, this is all about the build up of orgasmic energy. So get out some lube to have more ease with play. Ladies if you are finding that you are just not lubricating up to the occasion please don’t judge yourself for it. There are many physiological reasons vaginas might not be so wet. Some are hormonal changes, some are emotional (it could be a loss of a loved one or violence in the past to your body), some are the belief (notice I said belief) that if you don’t use it you lose it, health situations like cancer treatments. There are a variety of other reasons you might not be so wet ladies, but the thing is you haven’t dried up for life.
Let’s start with a little lube (water based and non-scented) just a little dab to start, you aren’t trying to create a slip and slide. You can do this on your own, or with your partner. If you haven’t done it on your own for a while then I highly recommend becoming friends with your vulva/pussy again. “Hi Sweet Pussy, I see I have been ignoring you a while, are you ready to play?”

For the gents out there try not to make it all about the erection. I know you have skills in other areas, you probably have developed a whole range of oral and touch skills that surpass your younger counterparts.

*Changing your mindset, your attitude and your definition of sex can keep your sexiness going way past your 60’s.
*What can you choose that would allow your body to feel sexy all the time?
*Did you ever have mind blowing sex? Breathe those thoughts deeply into your body and being
*Even if you have had a hip replacement you can still walk like you own it. What way of walking turns your body on?
*Don’t assume your lovers have to be your age, or your sex…guess what things are different from you grew up, anything goes!
*Explore your body
*Explore your partners’ body
*Explore your desires and fantasies
*Bust free from all the bullshit you were fed about what is right and appropriate
*Buy and use some toys for fun! Buy some lube for pragmatic reasons.
*Don’t buy the lie that sex is the same when you are 20 and 60+
*Protected sex all the way, seniors, you are the #1 rising group for STI’s and STD’s so have fun, but don’t be silly cover your willy!
*If you have had the same partner for years and are a little bored, be willing to have the conversations about sex that matter to you. If you are not interested in your partner anymore maybe now is the time to explore non-monogamy/polygamy, or to start fresh…Be fearless and wise in your pleasure seeking!
*Be daring and ask for what you would like and who you would like…what have you got to lose? You can always blame your ask on “old age”

Give me a shout if you require some assistance!

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