Juggling The Entrepreneurial Journey ~ Christine McIver

Entrepreneurship can be an exciting and fulfilling journey – one where we dive deep into our creations, build on our dreams, and bring them to life. The day-to-day responsibilities of running a business can be a little less than exciting though – and it can be difficult to juggle staying in the energy of creativity while also holding ourselves accountable.

But, as conscious entrepreneurs, we know that accountability is just as vital to the process of building a successful business as creation is. ?

When we plan for the future of our desires, we can often get caught up in the excitement and forget about the present moment. We forget that our ideas are like seeds that need our energy, input, and love to grow. We need to find a way to balance our creative energy with the practical aspects of running a business. ?

To create in our businesses, we must continually plan for the future – and with the right mindset, that doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We can approach our ideas with an open mind and a willingness to let everything flow through us, remembering that every time we judge our ideas, we cut ourselves off from possibilities.

We need to step past the fears that cause us to judge our ideas – indulging our fear of failure or rejection can hold us back from exploring the full potential of our creativity. We need to be willing to let our wild and crazy ideas come forward, to embrace the possibilities that exist beyond our current understanding. ?

By letting go of our judgments, embracing the full potential of our creativity, and taking steps to hold ourselves accountable, we can build businesses that reflect our values and help us achieve our goals. We can build businesses that are both fulfilling and profitable – by nurturing our ideas like seeds and watching them grow into something amazing! ?

Christine McIver, Business Optimization Expert



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