It Beckoned and I Surrendered ~ Rhonda Burns

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I could see it falling softly, steadily through the window as I peered over my computer screen. The much needed rain that’s teasingly moved through our area in the last few hours lulled me into watching it for a few moments longer than usual. And then I heard it and saw it attached to a picture that flashed through my mind.

“Play in me.” I could see me fully dressed as I am right now, standing in the rain.

Sitting at my desk, moving through a productive and ease-filled day of entrepreneurship, I thought, “Well, that would be fun. But do I really care to get wet and all that entails?” And then I remembered…

My body and I are doing things a bit differently these days. I’ve chosen to fully let go of the reins and allow her to show me what she knows. What she desires. And in turn, I know that she will allow me to unlock and shift all that I’ve been asking for, yet trying to control it into existence; because she assured me so. And I trust her with my life.

Without another second of contemplation, I rose from my comfortable office chair, pushed back from the desk, walked swiftly to the linen closet to grab a towel, moving quicker down the steps to be sure I wouldn’t miss this moment; I stripped away my socks and smiled slyly at my 11 year old as I walked out the front door. As soon as my feet hit the wet pavement of the sidewalk, everything within me softened. I turned my face to the sky and smiled. Dressed in cropped yoga pants, a t-shirt and ball cap, I let the rain meet the fabric with appreciation.

Stepping into the softened, lush green grass, I felt all the sensations in my feet and between my toes. Standing with my hands on my hips in a softened wonder woman pose, I again, raised my face to the heavens and smiled-deeply. Feeling the muscles in my shoulders and neck relax, I melted a bit more into the ground beneath me. Following my bodies impulses, I moved to the small water streams flowing against the curb of the street as it moved its way to the storm drains. Softly stepping in the flow, circling my bare toes and my feet to feel the warmth against my skin, I noticed the difference of the cool rain dropping on my skin from the sky; so many sensations -every cell coming alive in response.

In that moment, I wondered how many adults deny themselves what may have once been a natural occurrence as a child; playing in the rain. Do children still play in the rain? I don’t usually see them where I live, and in that one thought, I tried to feel bad, and then became present to this moment with my body and this rain shower. It’s not for me to worry about what others do or don’t, Rhonda. Be. Here. Now. Having an uncanny knack for always turning my experiences into an outward act of service, or teachable moment – often within the very moment something occurs, I consciously brought my focus back to moving toward a large puddle that accumulates at the bottom of my row of townhouses. Sliding my feet through the multiple inches of water, it was warm and comforting. Letting everything go, I was me again in that moment. And I could feel my body sigh in relief. I hear you, body. I really finally do.

Continuing to let her move me, we walked the sidewalks, the street, and the grass and even passed a young family standing on their porch, enjoying the showers. Seeing me, this middle-aged, fully dressed woman, barefoot with no umbrella simply strolling in the rain in the middle of the workday, they smiled as though they were amused and pleased. I could see their young toddler perk up as she began to wave. I whole-heartedly waved back and smiled like a 5 year old, silently beckoning them to step out from the sanctuary of their covered space. I then returned my focus to me, my body and the immense gratitude I felt in that moment for this beautiful planet, the weather, the air, nature, and everything about that moment. Stopping my feet from moving again, I turned my face once more and closed my eyes to receive even more. No hurries, no concerns, nothing to have to do in that moment but be still and receive. It was absolute divinity. And in that moment of further surrender and communion, I heard it off in the distance-thunder. I smiled as I felt it like it was a round of applause from the universe. “Well done, my sweet sister – well done.”

Having the sense that my body was fulfilled, I walked back to my home, walked inside, dried myself off slowly and went upstairs to my desk. I couldn’t wait to let the words spill onto the page, the ones I share here with you now. And as I was reliving the experience, the rains began to fall harder outside. The distant thunder from just a few minutes before was now louder; closer in proximity and it was now accompanied by lightening. It felt like a symphonic celebration and as I looked out the window to acknowledge it, I began to cry. Deep, belly-pulsing sobs as the tears fell. This is what release, surrender and the whispers are that I’ve touched before, even perceived, but not actually felt.

Exclaiming to my body, to the universe, and to the cosmos…”I hear you now. I hear you and I’m so grateful. Thank you.” Marking the moment, knowing that another space has been opened, another communication path with my body and with the universe has been awakened. I’m excited, and oddly completely relaxed in the same token. I’m profoundly moved at the awe of what’s available to me. What I knew was possible, what I wished and wanted for desperately has now been shown to me simply because I kept choosing, and asking questions; always moving forward. And yes, when the rain beckoned and my body said, “Play”, I surrendered.

After much persistent practice, I’ve finally quieted my mind enough to hear the whispers of my body and the universe. It’s not enough to simply hear and perceive them anymore. No, it’s imperative that when the whispers come, I act-then because that’s when the magic is revealed for me, to me, with me and through me. It’s not just mine to have, friend. It’s available to you, as well. I wonder what you may have been praying for, asking for, begging for, crying for that you’ve not been willing to surrender to hearing what’s being asked of you in order to receive it? What if it was as simple as strolling in the rain? Or any other gesture your body desires of you? Would you be willing to ask, and then look, listen and perceive for the whispers? They do come and we tend to just miss them, or discount them because… (“Silly grown woman strolling in the rain in the middle of day – what might people think?”)

Here’s to you ending the discounting of your body’s desires, and to being frustrated with your dreams and desires not coming to fruition. It begins with you, friends; perhaps here and now. Your body knows. It holds the key. Would you be willing to surrender to it to have your freedom?

Do you hear that? The thunder calls. Will you answer?


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