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The 2020 pandemic has brought its share of challenges, not the least of which has been physical, social, and emotional isolation. As Lisa Benitz, Space WhispererTM and host of the Infinite Energies radio show points out, we’re not meant, as a species, to spend most of our time alone. For those of us who are currently single, the isolation can be particularly challenging. With that in mind, Lisa suggests now may be an ideal time to delve into how your space may be keeping you from welcoming in new love.

What is Your Space Saying?

Everything in your home has a vibration, Lisa explains. Your furniture, your artwork, and all your decorative accessories send messages, whether you are conscious of them or not. Assuring us that we needn’t panic and think we’re in for a full-scale home redecoration, Lisa explains that this is more about a perspective shift aimed at moving the energy your space emits.

To begin, go through your space with a camera as if you were a real estate agent putting your house up for sale. Take pictures from all different angles. Once you have a good collection in hand, view them on a larger screen and take an objective look at what you see. As you consider the items that populate your space, notice what percentage of them are focused on the idea of you being single. What is the message your home is sending? What energy is your space reflecting? If it feels closed-off and unwelcome energetically, Lisa suggests, you have some work to do.

Shifting Your Space to Create More

Simply put, your space reflects what’s going on in your life. Since we’re talking about attracting a romantic partner, it makes sense to focus on the bedroom. How is your bedroom furniture arranged? What is piled up on your bed? (Lisa jokes that women are notorious for piling pillows up on one side of their bed as they sleep while men typically toss them on the floor!). As we smile, nod, and picture our own pillow piles, she asks us to consider whether they create a blocking or inviting energy?

If you walked into the room of a potential new partner and found no space for yourself, how likely would you be to stay? Is one side of your bed pushed up against a wall? Consider how this creates a block to new love. If there isn’t a clear path for a new lover to gain access to your bed, the energetic message will echo accordingly.

Look at your bedroom as a sacred space for nurturing your intimate relationship, Lisa encourages. Bearing that in mind, she suggests clearing your bedroom of anything that focuses on non-intimate activities; electronic screens do little to kindle the fires of romance.

Above all, Lisa says, use your space to send a message to future partners. Opening up the physical area in and around our bed creates a welcoming energy that announces: “there is space here”. Ridding the room of distractions and extraneous items says: “I dedicate this room to growing love”. Lisa even suggests alternating which side of the bed you sleep on – putting forward an energy of openness to flexibility. That may be the invitation your future partner is looking to receive.

Choosing Love for Yourself

We are all worthy of love, Lisa asserts. A beautiful, loving, intimate relationship is a possibility for any of us – it’s all about you choosing it, she emphasizes. And while it can feel like a daunting task, an upheaval even, to rearrange the space where you feel comfortable and secure, it may be just the change you need. If you’re looking to invite in a long-term relationship, see what it might create if you give your space some breathing room. As Lisa points out, it’s all about moving forward and creating room in your space for another person.


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