I’m Not Dramatic, You Are….And Other Big Fat Lies

I’m Not Dramatic, You Are…And Other Big Fat Lies
By Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Have you been told you are overly dramatic? Do you believe that lie? Are you buying into that judgement?  What if you can flip it around?  What if you are dramatic, and that has everything to do with the gift that you came here to be?

My invitation to you is to start allowing yourself to be fully switched on as you move through your life. Stop believing you need to calm down and be quiet. If you’re anything like me, you’re here to entertain, create art, and invite others out onto the dance floor of life. Being fully switched on is a GIFT – you can take your amazing dramatic energy and do something with it!

Your life’s purpose is to be the full expression of yourself and that doesn’t involve holding yourself back, judging yourself as too much or too sensitive. When you allow for the healthy expression of all of you, your life will evolve naturally into a more joyful experience. And in that place, you’ll be better able to serve others.

So I leave you with a challenge – let’s unpack the gift of all your drama. Write this down: “because I’m sensitive I can:…” and really get to the bottom of what you can do BECAUSE you’re sensitive, because you’re full of passion, because you ARE dramatic!

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