This article is based on the show Are You Saying No to Your Knowing on Living Beyond Linear with Keisha Clark.

Are You Saying No to Your KnowingWe’ve all been there: stuck in yet another situation that we knew we shouldn’t have gotten into. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, somewhere deep inside, you had a “gut feeling” and chose to ignore it. Often we’ll have a weak spot in our lives where we most often find ourselves in these moments: relationships, parenting, or maybe work.

Before you start judging yourself, and judging all people and circumstances, take a deep breath and read on!

You’ve been conditioned to ignore your knowing and to judge yourself for the lack of it!

We’ve been conditioned to value our capacity to remember facts and process information more than our awareness since we started learning our A, B, C’s. We have been entrained to the idea that a demonstration of accurate recollection of information or logical extrapolation is the best way to receive validation from our family or teachers. We’ve learned that being “smart” is a mark of our worth or value to the world. That is of course unless we’re a “know-it-all” and then we’re just annoying!

With the pressure to perform well in school and in our lives as we grow up, it’s no wonder we forget that we know. We are lured into the default state of believing that someone else knows more than us because they have a degree, or a credential that we don’t possess. You do know. You know A LOT!

The good news is that we do not live on an either/or planet! We can actually be smart AND aware!

This is not about ignoring or devaluing your intellect; this is about ADDING your knowing back into the mix. Your knowing is complementary to your intellect. By adding your knowing to your intellect, you are now capable having it contribute to your possibilities! Knowing facilitates all things, all circumstances to work FOR you.

Your knowing has never really been separate from you. It’s always been there, you’ve just had it take a back seat. We often see it when a situation doesn’t work out as we hope and then we’re annoyed with ourselves that we knew better. How annoying (just like all back-seat-drivers)! The thing about knowing is … it’s not always as obvious as a back-seat-driver.

Often our Knowing is a whisper, a twinge, or perhaps even a song on a radio.

Our knowing often softly invites us to pay attention to a moment. These are the moments that open doors to more choice and greater possibilities, moments for you to change the outcome of everything. There is always a moment when our knowing speaks; we don’t always catch it cognitively.

Please be gentle on yourself when you notice that things haven’t worked out as you hoped. It doesn’t mean that you didn’t have the knowing or that you are lacking in any way. These are the moments when you can ask yourself to be more aware next time. You may also find, upon reflection that a greater gift has been given to you, more information, or an outcome greater than you imagined – just really different. There is always something to be grateful for, even in the spirit crushing, bone crushing outcomes. Acknowledging that there was a moment, allows your knowing to come through in more noticeable ways in the future.

Are you willing to have your awareness, to know what you know and THAT you know?

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Written & posted by Carol Glover

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