Turning Point- a GPS for your Success with Host Judith L. Harrison

Were you wondering first of all, what the heck – Typo!!??!!

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HINT:  it connects with the focus of last weeks “Lively Leadership” Newsletter: Your Future Best Self.

A dear soul sent the IKIGAI to my attention and, at first I didn’t know what to make of it but now that I do, I really like it!   And to this Kind Soul (if they read this, they know who they are) I extend my sincere appreciation for sending this to me.

NOTE: It life-giving to remember that GRATITUDE is also a great contribution to our life lived wellJ

What if I said IKIGAI could actually be a GPS for your Success.   You can consider it a roadmap of sorts; that ultimately reduces stress.  Does this sound like something you would consider as having value?

So many people wonder and stress about what is their purpose. The IKIGAI is one possible approach to create a pathway of discovery of actionable PURPOSE for one’s self.   The IKIGAI came to me in the form of a visual – a Venn diagram. Look below, pause on each section, and ask yourself how it can add meaning to your life.

Judith article picA word of caution when using this tool, if we begin with old ingrained beliefs that may well run counter to this new more powerful belief philosophy, our old ways will Still Win!   Many of these beliefs lay hidden away so that we are not consciously aware of them. Like an Ice Berg, the mass of which lies below the waterline, these beliefs, along with many other factors (like fears, doubts, hopes, wishes, expectations, perceptions etc.), drive our thoughts and actions.  They tell us what our lives should look like; we act in ways that align with, and make it look true. This is one of the major causes of depression, disappointment and regrets.

So, how do you overcome these old beliefs and start on a new path? There are many ways to answer this question. For starters, I recommend, along with Maria Rainer Rilke, dare to live the questions. It all deserves to be lived. We find our true selves as much in our darkness, if not more, than in the light. Consider that the light is sometimes overrated at the expense of the mother lode that lies in the deep, interstitial, and rich recesses of our darkness.

In my a2zen.fm program (Turning Point – a GPS for Your Success) for this week, we did an exploration of “How” to be Evolutionarily in Manifesting Change. The key to manifesting change on purpose, (with clarity, focus, faith, consistency, BOLDLY) thereby opening the floodgates for the Universe, is to have a clear end goal in mind. We must hold our dream with definitive clarity and then take those first, BOLD baby steps from within the end vision. We need not know the cursed how; we must but be prepared to stand in the conviction, and with actions and vigor move towards that vision.


1) The goal is never the goal

2) We cannot and indeed, need not push the river

3) Stay the course with fixed focus, clarity and faith.

Faith is the stuff of things hoped for though not yet seen.

In the process of manifesting change we draw on the following:

1 – the knowledge that thoughts become things

2 – we are evolutionary creatures

3 – have a DREAM because without a vision people will perish

4 – get emotional; this is the fuel that energizes our thoughts

5 – action mobilizes energy

Self-esteem builds from consistent action steps towards desired, stated goals.

And, ACTION breeds confidence and courage.

SECRET:  If there is a well-founded dream placed in your heart, there will also be the means by which to materialize this dream.  A dream is that which brings us Joy and a smile to our heart. (And, Joy does NOT mean challenge-less. Adversity is that which leverages our desire).


Selfishness is a virtue when we pursue the dreams that have been placed in our hearts and don’t violate the rights of others.

The other tip with which I leave you is this: without an accountability partner or system, we will never optimize and be at one with our true potential. You may contact me for more information on any of this, including my structures for mentorship –and your SUCCESS.

In Conclusion, I send this to you from Mike Dooley:

Follow your heart,

Delight in your preferences.

Approve of yourself.

Stake your claim, demand it, and hold out your hands.

Banish your doubts,

Get off your knees, and live life as you please.

Your dreams are untouchable by others.




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