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Do you have the point of view that you have enough money?  Or, are you like the majority of the people on the planet who don’t have enough and are convinced you will never have enough?  You’ll never be able to make enough.  Do you believe that money is a problem?  That it will always be an issue for you? Do you blame it for all the things in your life you’ve decided are wrong?  When you have all these points of view about money, who is in charge?  You or the money?  Take a second and look at this.  Ask yourself, out loud if it helps! Who is in charge of my life, me or money? 98% of you will certainly answer money. That is if you are being brutally honest with yourself!  You want to say it is you, but you know deep down its money.  Do you choose based on how much something is?  Or, is it just the tie-breaker deciding factor?  Are there things you’ve decided you’d never spend that kind of money on?  Like a vacation at the Ritz Carlton – what a frivolous waste of money!  Or, I’d never spend $1,000 on a pair of shoes, no shoes are worth that!  If you have ever once had a conversation with yourself or someone else that went anything like that, then you my friend have made money the Dictator of your life.

Or, you could be the other kind, slightly more sneaky at trying to hide how you’ve made money the Dictator.  You DO spend money on super expensive things.  You only buy things that people will know are valuable.  You might even be a label whore!  You are spending large to prove that you are in charge of your life and money, not the other way around you are busy proving because you spend it you are in control of it.  Because you are actually trying to prove something, what you’ve actually got is all these valuable, well crafted things, and you won’t receive one ounce of contribution from them because you’ve made money the Dictator.  When you are using force (energetically) and proving you have completely killed your receiving.  You cannot receive from anything.   Maybe you’ve never even considered that the things you buy could contribute to you.  How’s that working for you? Not so well is it?!

I think it is clear that money as the Dictator of your life is not working.  You know that, I know that. Everyone knows it even if they are unwilling to admit it. I also know it seems impossible to change. It seems fantasy land crazy that you could overthrow the Dictator you’ve installed over your life. I know this because I am speaking from personal experience.  Even with what is considered a high paying career, there were things I would not buy because of the price.  I would convince myself I could not afford them.  I was trying, sort of, so I’d go try on the $1,000 pair of shoes (which by the way are usually crazy comfortable and you could runaround in them all day, lots of time the cost of things does represent a certain quality!) or visit the $50,000 Birkin bag in the store, but I would never ever allow myself to purchase them.  I’d  go for brunch at the Four Seasons or the Ritz and think to myself as I was walking through;  Wow, how do all these people afford a week’s vacation in this place, I could never afford that.  In my case that was a ridiculous lie I was telling myself.  I could totally afford it if I was actually willing to choose it and allow that kind of vacation, or purchase, to be a contribution to me, my body and my life.  But no, money was the Dictator of all the things I could choose and it was telling me in no uncertain terms, NO! It didn’t care what a contribution it could be to me, to my body, to expanding my business.  Its sole purpose was to keep me small and limited and living in a no-choice universe.  And it was successful for a long time because I just bought it hook, line and sinker. I never asked a question about what else was possible? Until one day I woke up and did ask a different question.

Do you want to continue carrying on in your life this way, or, possibly, would you like to change this, like, NOW?!  If so then you’re in luck.  Here are a few trips to start changing your point of view about money. To overthrow the Dictator and to install yourself as the Dominant ruling entity and creator of your life.

  • Ask yourself: What are my points of view about money. Write them down and make a list of all of your points of view about money.  First thought, best thought. Don’t censor or filter, even if it seems totally weird and not at all related, write it down. All those sayings that trickle through your mind, such as, rich people are never happy, money only follows hard work, people who like money and nice things are greedy, money is bad, money is dirty, money can’t buy happiness and the list goes on.  Write them all down. Look at each one as ask yourself:  Who does this belong to?  Is this really my point of view? 98% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions are not actually ours. We are just super aware and picking up on everyone else’s point of view, it seems real, it feels real, and so we just buy it as ours.

I know this sounds weird.  Just try it, you will be surprised.  Keep asking each one, the ones that aren’t yours, cross them off.  How do you know they aren’t yours, trust me, you will know.  Follow your gut instinct.  Cross off the ones that aren’t yours.

  • For all the ones that are left on the list that are yours, ask yourself  this: Would I be willing to destroy and uncreate all these points of view that are not serving me?  Yes?!  Destroy and uncreate them all!  Do this one at a time, it will work more dynamically.  Now, go about your days, and be aware of those sayings, as you hear them, or as they pop into your head, and when you become aware of them, destroy and uncreate them.
  • Look at your finances, with a fine tooth comb and magnifying glass. Get VERY clear about how much it costs you to run your life, down to the penny if you can.  Does this number surprise you?  Is it better or worse than you expected?  When I did it I was pleasantly surprised.  I know you think this is going to be stressful and freak you out.  I promise it won’t.  It is just information and knowledge.  These two things powerfully inform choice.  The saying knowledge is power, well it’s not far off base!  How can you generate enough money to easily fund your life if you don’t actually know how much you require?  How do you know how much to ask the Universe to for?
  • Every day ask money to contribute to you, your body and your life. Start looking at money as a tool for creation.  It is a tool you use to create more.  When you go to purchase something, before you do, ask it, if I buy you will you make me money?  Again, follow you gut instinct here, if you are willing to be aware and perceive it, you will know the answer.  And, just because something says it won’t make you money doesn’t mean you can’t choose to buy it.  It also doesn’t mean it will make you money in a linear fashion that makes sense, i.e. If I buy this for $10 I can sell it for $20.  This is about learning to follow the energy, using the energetic currents of money to your advantage.

Those are 4 steps to get you well on your way to overthrowing money as the Dictator of your life and put you in charge.  It is important to point out, these steps and questions; they are not a onetime exercise.  In order to make this change, they must become part of your daily routine, part of the normal thought process of your day, or at least your week.  Especially in the beginning, it will require more of your awareness.  The good thing about this is the more you execute, the more you  put them into practice, the sooner they become part of who you be and it isn’t the ‘work’ it seems like in the beginning.

To take this farther, or learn more tools to changing your relationship with money check out the Super Scoop of Consciousness archived shows.  We have lots of shows about money, or call in or join us in the chat room and ask a question!  You can also contact me at to book a private session to create faster change now.

Kim Malama Lucien is the CEO/President of Lucienne LTD, a business consulting and coaching firm.  She provides traditional business consulting for companies of all sizes (from mom and pop to large multi-nationals).  She is a creative genius that revamps your business or your life from the inside out. She has an innate ability to tap into and recognize your natural and unique abilities or strengths and show you how to use them to your advantage. Kim works with management to create systems that are scaleable, malleable and empower everyone in the organization to ask questions, to be decision makers, which directly improves the company and the bottom line. The tools and steps shared in this article are based on the tools learned in the basic core classes of Access Consciousness®.

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