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My first reaction (and it really was a reaction not a response) when someone asked me that was “well of course I do!”. But you know what, even though I reacted with that reply I knew deep down that it was a lie.

After all, isn’t our physical just the hunk of flesh and bones that we haul around with us as we experience this physical reality? It’s certainly one way of looking at it. And it’s the point of view I had for many years. And no doubt many lifetimes too! But I digress…

It has been only in the last 12-18 months that I’ve really begun to acknowledge just how freaking awesome my body truly is… and can be.

For example, did you know that your physical body has a consciousness and awareness of its own? And did you know that it can over-ride you when it really chooses to?

Let me give you an example.

Last year I went out for breakfast with friends. As usual, I opened the menu and asked my body “hey body, what would you like to eat today?”, and my eyes immediately sprang to poached eggs with grilled bacon. Hmmm. That’s not what I wanted at all! I wanted eggs on toast. So I ignored my body and its desire and ordered what I wanted. The waitress even asked me how I’d like my eggs cooked. There I was looking forward to my eggs on toast.  “yum yum”… I thought! Imagine my surprise when what showed up for me was the first thing that I’d looked at on the menu! The eggs and bacon! No eggs on toast for me that day! And you know what? It was totally delicious and I loved every mouthful.

It’s not the only time either. Flying back from Spain recently I was offered either a glass of chardonnay or glass of sauvignon blanc with my meal. I have (did have!) all sorts of points of view about chardonnay being oaky and bitter so asked for sauvignon blanc (my usual choice). My body decided that’s not what it desired and so what showed up was a glass of chardonnay. Which, just like the bacon and eggs, was bloody delicious! And totally not oaky and bitter at all. Who’d have known?

Experiences like this have got me to asking questions about my body. What else is possible for me if I were to receive my body completely? What other capacities does my body have that I’ve never acknowledged? Did you know that your body really can create and influence things to happen that are an even greater contribution to it?

One time my body did this was when we were booking a hotel that looked so yummy to stay at. My body was adamant it would like to stay at this particular hotel, yet, at the time, it was quite expensive and out of the budget we had.

We pondered it for a day or two and then, when we took a final look at all the hotels before booking, imagine my surprise when the hotel my body desired to stay at had one room available at a price that was much lower than normal. Apparently the hotel manager had decided last minute to discount it. The person taking the booking explained that he’d never done that before! My body felt very smug about that!

The more I play with and get curious with my body the more awesome stuff shows up for me as if by magic. Now it’s up to you whether you believe all this or not. Or whether you just mark it up as “coincidence”. But what if there’s more to this than at first glance?

I invite you to get curious with your body. What awesome capacities does it have that you’ve never even considered or acknowledged? What greater contribution can your body be for you and to your life if you would be willing to drop your barriers and receive it completely?

I invite you to get curious with your body. I invite you to ask your body some questions:

  • Hey body, what capacities do you have that I’ve never even considered?
  • What contribution have you been for me and my life that I’ve never acknowledged?
  • What greater contribution can you be for me if I would be willing to receive you completely, and without judgment?
  • What else is possible that I’ve never considered?

I wonder what that could create for you? I wonder what contribution and invitation that could also be for people around you? Are you willing to get curious?

Oh, I forgot to say… what really helped me begin to acknowledge the awesomeness my body truly is, are the tools and processes of Access Consciousness®. There’s not a day goes by without me using at least one tool or process to create even more awesomeness in my life. How awesome are you willing for you life to be? And are you willing to allow your body to contribute even more fully to creating and having more awesomeness in your life?

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Alun Jones

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