Inspired Choices with Christine McIver

You go to school, take courses, and get ready to hit the world with your brilliant business.  You’re excited but worried if you will succeed.  If you’re like most entrepreneurs you look to what everyone else is doing and possibly begin to duplicate the successful ones.  But something’s not working; you’re not as successful as others, but why?

Niche marketers talk about finding the “WHO”.  You already have the “WHAT” and perhaps even the “HOW”, but what about the “WHY”.

WHY begs you to look within, why you want to do this business, why you work excessive hours and put all your eggs in this basket.  This is about more than making money; we all want that.  Why does this business matter?  What is it that will make this unique?

It’s not the “WHAT” you do because there are probably many of “those” around.  What is it that is calling you?  To find this you need to listen to your heart.  Practice listening to this over and over again and most especially when you are feeling stuck.  Stop listening to your mind.  Your mind will give you ideas but not your truth.  Your truth will emerge when your ideas in your mind connect with the answers in your heart.

For example I am a Possibilities Coach and not the only one in the world.  The why for me is to- Inspire Individuals, share Kindness, Teach about Choices and Encourage growth both Personally and Professionally.  When I have fulfilled this target I experience my own “Butterfly Effect”.

I imagine when I inspire an individual, they go out and do the same; create a business that makes a difference, share love with their family, give generously to their community or simply brighten the world around them with a bigger smile.

It is not just “WHAT” you do; it’s the beating desire in your heart that drives you through building your dream that makes all the difference.

Christine McIver, Possibilities Coach

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