Embodying the Goddess Consciousness with Wendy Paquette

By Kim Dietrich, kimdietrich.ca 

Through her radio show Crossroads to Awakening, host Wendy Paquette helps listeners identify and remove limitations that keep them from attaining greatness. Central to her message is a life-altering divine awakening experienced seven years ago. In this episode – Embodying the Goddess Consciousness – she tells listeners of a more recent spiritual development that expanded her vision of the divine.

God Versus Goddess Imagery

Raised in a Catholic home, with all the associated rituals and traditions, Wendy grew up picturing God as a male figure. Though the religious teachings of her upbringing did feature key females – Mary Magdalene for instance – primary roles were held by men. Naturally, when she experienced a divine awakening seven years back, she assigned a male image to that Christ consciousness. Wendy’s more recent experience, however, involved a profound shift; she came to know the feminine, Goddess aspect of the Divine.

As has been her experience when previously receiving the gifts of Christ consciousness, Wendy’s most recent divine download came while looking in a mirror. She relates being overcome by a moment of indescribable silence accompanied by a beautiful, feminine wave of Christ. In experiencing this new consciousness, with its attendant softness and gentle beauty, she came to understand that the male and female dualities comprise equal halves of one divine whole. Their fundamental properties exist in perfect counterpart: god and goddess, right and left brain, creator and birther, strong and gentle, firm and soft. In coming to realize the goddess consciousness, she came to a fuller knowing of The Divine.

Self-Awareness Through Goddess Consciousness

Through this awakening, Wendy felt a softening of her responses to the world. And, as hidden aspects of herself emerged, she came to see she had fallen into a disturbing pattern of people-pleasing. Once she acknowledged the behavior – as uncomfortable as that was – she began to see it everywhere. She realized she had been sacrificing her own truth for the ease of those around her. Rather than risk someone not liking her or what she had to say, she demurred. In doing so, she failed to honor her own truth.

Wendy relates that as she worked to change this undesirable pattern, she felt herself shift into a truer version of herself. She stopped saying yes to others and came to stand more firmly in her own truth. Moving through this growth strengthened her sense of personal value. Knowing that she serves no one by people pleasing, she no longer crushes the truth of who she is and what she desires of the world.

Similarly, Wendy invites listeners to examine where they might be sacrificing their own truth. To illustrate how little is accomplished in doing so, she asks us to consider what might have happened if Jesus had said to himself “I’m not going to heal people because what if they don’t like me”? In telling people what we think they want to hear, she emphasizes, we hold back the true gift of ourselves from the world.

The Transformative Power of Divine Consciousness

Whether we’re dishonest to please others or we have an altogether different unhealthy pattern, it will eventually infect all aspects of our lives. Our relationships with partners, coworkers, friends and family are all impacted. And while transformation can be a grueling process, Wendy encourages us to lean into the discomfort. Doing so, she promises, will show us how much our truth matters; we will gain a deeper knowing of our value in the world.

Inviting listeners to tap into their own divine consciousness, Wendy suggests spending time in front of a mirror. Gaze into your own reflection to stare into your own soul, she instructs. Make the request and be ready to receive. Let in your divine consciousness and be in allowance of the gifts it will bring you. It’s the most divine gift you can give yourself, she says. Being in open receivership of you will pull more love, peace, joy, and connection into your life.

Only when you truly see yourself can others truly know you. As you grow in self-awareness, navigating through the accompanying discomfort, you will receive yourself as never before. Acknowledging all parts of yourself and coming to know your divine self, Wendy offers, will move you towards living the fullest and truest expression of your own life.

Listen to Wendy’s show here: https://www.inspiredchoicesnetwork.com/media/embodying-the-goddess-consciousness-wendy-paquette/

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