Embodying Pleasure After Sexual Trauma ~ Milica Jelenic

If a person hasn’t experienced pleasure before and is interested in beginning to explore embodied pleasure, here are a few key things they may need to know:

Self-Awareness: Building self-awareness is crucial for experiencing pleasure. Being mindful of your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations will allow you to identify what brings you pleasure and tune in on what brings it out in others.

Consent is of paramount importance in all forms of sexual and embodied experiences, from relationships between partners or individuals involved to intimate encounters between strangers. You have every right to say no or change your mind at any time; other individuals must respect and adhere to your boundaries and honour your decision.

Exploration and Experimentation: Embodied pleasure can vary significantly between people. Explore different sensations, touchpoints and experiences until you find something pleasurable that feels pleasurable to you. Be curious and open-minded as you explore different sensations safely and consensually.

Emotional Well-Being: Emotional well-being is intimately tied to pleasure. Be mindful of your emotional state and its effect on your ability to enjoy pleasure. Take care in managing your emotional health by engaging in self-care practices, seeking support from trusted individuals and addressing any barriers preventing pleasure from reaching its destination.

Communication: Communication is at the core of any sexual or embodied experience, making clear and honest dialogue essential for an enjoyable experience. Communicate openly about desires, boundaries and comfort levels so all parties involved remain on the same page and can increase both pleasure and connection levels for everyone involved.

Professional Support: If you feel uncertain or uncertain about how to experience pleasure due to past trauma or emotional issues, consider seeking guidance, support, and a safe space from an experienced therapist, sex therapist, or holistic health practitioner in order to explore how pleasure manifests physically in your body.

Remind yourself that everyone’s journey towards experiencing embodied pleasure is unique, so take things at your own pace, respect your boundaries, and prioritize emotional well-being as part of this process.

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