Creating Abundance with Ease – Ease & Joy or Pain & Suffering with Dr. Helen Gitlevich

By Kim Dietrich, 

On her radio show Creating Abundance with Ease, Dr. Helen Gitlevich discusses how to create abundance in our lives. She asserts that what we have in our lives all comes down to what we choose to create. Posing a number of probing questions, she asks listeners to rethink how they regard pain and suffering, offering that our circumstances – positive or negative – exist merely because we have chosen them. With the teachings of Access Consciousness, she offers powerful tools to realign the way we look at our reality in order to create profound change in our lives.

Our Choices Create Our Circumstances

In accepting Helen’s assertion that that our choices create our circumstances, we can begin to see choice as a powerful tool. She suggests turning inward when faced with a choice between two options so we can listen to our inner knowing. We can close our eyes, go into our bodies and ask which choice feels light and which feels heavy; whatever feels light is true and whatever feels heavy is a lie.

If we are unhappy with our current circumstances, we don’t need to stay stuck. We always have the power to change just by choosing differently. We can look at our past choices without judgement by acknowledging what we’ve created and then choosing differently. Helen suggests regarding our choices with an attitude of detached interest: “Oh, look at what I chose – cool. What will I choose next”? She emphasizes that we are not a victim of our circumstances. If we don’t like where we are, we can make a different choice. And if we decide to stay stuck, however, we should realize that not making a choice is still a choice in itself.

Pain & Suffering Is a Choice

This ability to choose differently extends to anywhere in our lives where we experience pain and suffering. We can sit in a cesspool of pain and suffering or we can choose differently. Helen points out in fact, that even though we may be experiencing pain, we need not look at it as ‘suffering’. She reframes pain as our body’s way of sending us information on an energetic level. By being present in our lives and paying attention to what our bodies are trying to tell us, we can get in touch with where we truly want to choose differently.

While considering our physical or emotional pain, it’s good to keep in mind that not all of what we feel belongs to us. Some of us are like ‘energetic sponges’ who pick up on the pain and suffering of others. To check in on whether a strong feeling you’re experiencing actually belongs to you, Helen suggests using the tools of Access Consciousness. Scanning your body for any physical or emotional pain – anything that doesn’t bring you ease and joy – ask yourself “Who does that belong to”? If what you are feeling lightens up, ask it again, bearing in mind that it’s not important that you get an answer – the act of posing the question is in itself a powerful release. When we come to an awareness that we are receiving someone else’s pain or suffering, we can make the statement “return to sender” to shift that energy back to where it belongs.

Shifting Energy to Move into Ease & Joy

Energy exists all around us – it comes from within us, from others, from the earth and from the universe. Helen describes how the tools of Access Consciousness can help us shift that energy to bring greater ease and joy into our lives. She outlines an energy expansion exercise to enlarge your consciousness and see how much bigger than your circumstances you really are. To begin, Helen says, close your eyes and focus on your body. Visualize your crown opening and filling with universal light, and then feel that light travel through your body, down through your feet and into the earth. Allow yourself to connect into the earth’s core, before pulling that energy back up through yourself and out of your crown. Continue to allow that energy to flow out from yourself as you expand your consciousness. Feel your energy expand into the sky, out miles above yourself, into space, into the universe and beyond. Remaining in that space of energetic expansion, without contracting or growing smaller, bring your attention to your body. From this enlarged state of consciousness, consider your life and any pain and suffering you may have been experiencing. Realize that you don’t have to live life in a small, contracted space; you can choose to remain in this space of expanded consciousness.

From that place of infinite energy, consider how much joy and happiness you can you add to your life, Helen offers. In a space of expanded consciousness, you are essentially an empty cup ready to be filled, inviting any and all possibilities into your life. Pain and suffering need no longer be significant. You can acknowledge what your choices have created and step into your infinite ability to choose differently. As they say in Access Consciousness, you’ll then begin to see “all of life come to you with ease, joy and glory.”

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