Confusionville ~ Lisa Benitz

Today I am sitting here in Vienna, and noticing so many people around me creating the energy of doing, running around in circles, jumping at all the places they believe would create a greater life for them. I call it “confusionville”, which is the energy of uncertainty, not knowing what is coming next. Wow, what if not knowing is exactly what is required to get out of your own way and actually ask your spaces to show you where you are creating confusion. What if truly sitting in the space that your body is in right now and asking for it to contribute to you, and show you what you are unwilling to see in your life is the gift.

I found myself being pulled in Brussels into a space that had mold, water and the energy of a sick space for the Creating Conscious Spaces™ class. Wow ~ Once I got out of my head and asked the space to show me what it was that it was showing me ~ the download of information was actually brilliant. I realized that the owners, were driven by money and not actually caring for the space, which after meeting them I got that they were not actually caring for their businesses, lives and of course it becomes a domino effect into other areas of their life. I shared with them a few tools to create a lovely space (which I knew they were not willing to receive) and they moved the class into another space. Even though the new space was generally a healthier space, it still had the underlying energy of un-wellness, being unkept, requiring major cleaning, repainting, and repair to water damage that was seeping in from the space above. The gift for those that attended the class was they were seeing Creating Conscious Spaces™ in action. They actually watched how we can shift the energy of our spaces with the demand we are seeking and move things quickly. While facilitating the class I had everyone acknowledge that even though the space may not be perfect 😉 it was actually a reflection into what is going on in all their lives. Was there initial judgements and being uncomfortable, absolutely, thats the gift of this class. At the beginning they may have not been willing to see what was required to change in their lives however, after leaving the class there was an energy of “lets get going and start creating today”.

After Brussels came Vienna, where I was staying at a lovely Airbnb, that on the surface had everything that I could ever imagine with the homeowners willing to gift me anything I requested. Within a day I noticed a stench that was seeping up from the shower drain that smelt of sewage. Wow another space that was asking for acknowledgement! I called the homeowner and requested for them to rectify the situation. It led them to bring in a plumber who said it would require for the entire building to update their pipes. The gift of this was he was actually willing to acknowledge that the building and all the tenants would have to collectively get together. He was willing to work with the building and the city to get things moving. He was incredibly appreciative and came from the energy of gratitude.

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