This article is inspired by the show One of Your Parents Had an Orgasm! on The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic

In order for you to be here, your father HAD to have an orgasm. EWWWW! No one wants to think about their parents being intimate, having sex, and certainly not climaxing. It’s normal that when this thought does pop into our minds, we try to wash it out immediately or we go into judgement of how awful the whole idea is. Let’s drop the yuck and look at this more closely. 

We’ll work with the assumption that we chose our parents, and chose when to arrive here. If this is the case, we orchestrated the whole thing! Somewhere, somehow, we contributed to our parents getting together, choosing to copulate, and to our father having an orgasm. Somewhere, somehow, we have knowledge of that life-giving, orgasmic energy.

How often do you deny your potential to create, or to generate the very forces of life?  

You see, that type of energy is part of the very essence of you. It is an essential ingredient of life, just like sugar is to cake. And you have access to it whenever, however and wherever you wish! The trouble begins when we refuse to acknowledge it even exists, or assume we don’t have enough of it to generate our lives. By refusing to acknowledge the orgasmic energy, the critical element, that created you, you refuse to receive your parents’ gift to you: life. Can you see now that if we’re not willing to acknowledge this orgasmic, life-giving energy within ourselves, we can’t see or receive it from anyone or anything else?

The good news is that once you release the judgement and ewww around the notion that your parents had sex and your father actually had an orgasm, you can unlock that creation potential in you!

Once the ewww is gone, you can begin to notice where else you’ve cut off your receiving. You will begin to notice what other energies you’ve been refusing to acknowledge in you, for example: the arrogant ass, the victim, the lover, and the nurturer. All of these energies (and more) are the essential ingredients of you! All of these energies (and more) allow you to create everything you desire, if only you’d admit that at least one of your parents had an orgasm.

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Written & posted by Carol Glover.

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