Are You a Receiver? ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

When I ask people if they are receivers, their first response is, “Of course! I love to receive.” And then I ask them what does it mean to receive? Most often their answer is about receiving gifts for special occasions, a free meal, sometimes maybe even a helping hand. It is usually something that only happens occasionally.

What if receiving is much more than that? What if true receiving is a constant flow of being? What if we are missing out on true receiving as a way of living a phenomenal life?

As we explore the true essence of receiving, you may be surprised at what you discover.

To truly receive one must be willing to BE. Follow me with this for a moment.
Let’s consider breathing- every moment you breathe in air; oxygen that is provided from the plants as an exchange for the carbon dioxide that we breathe out. Notice that there is a flow of gifting and receiving that happens without thought, feeling or judgment? This is because we just be it as do the plants.
Another consideration- watch young children receive. Have you ever watched a 2-year-old receive anything- food, toys, nature, hugs? They are happy just to receive it. They don’t feel that anything else is required because it is the natural flow of being- to receive. Have you ever watched the joy of a child who has just received a cookie, a rock, a box to play with? Isn’t their joy all that is required to fulfill the flow of gifting and receiving. Their joy invites us to continue to give as we receive from them. This is another example of gifting and receiving, a flow and exchange of energy.

Sadly, it isn’t long before children are taught that if you receive something you need to expect something in return, your joy of receiving isn’t enough. Or even sadder still, they learn that they shouldn’t expect to receive anything unless they have earned it. Now they can no longer BE who they be to receive. They now form judgments about whether they are worthy of receiving and in doing so, turn off their gift of receiving. Even the giving that they do is tainted with obligations, expectations and judgments.

Have you ever been taught that it is better to give than to receive? You can ask yourself, am I more at ease giving or receiving? In true receiving and gifting, we are comfortable with both, because we acknowledge the contribution that both allow us to receive. When you receive a gift, a favor or even a compliment from someone, do you right away look for a way to dismiss it, or make light of it or even feel obligated to do something in return? What message does that send to the giver?

I remember a dear friend who would treat me to lunch and when I thanked him for it, he would reply, “Thank you for receiving.” That struck as a reminder to be a gracious receiver and to not feel obligated. Most of us when we do offer something to someone, we don’t expect anything in return. We are happy to have been able to give and their joy in receiving is all that is needed and yet that energy flow can become blocked by the unwillingness to fully receive with a full heart of gratitude.

How much are we missing out on when we aren’t willing to fully receive? As I stop to consider all the ways in which we can receive. In addition to the air we breathe and the joy of a child, we are surrounded by infinite possibilities for receiving. Look outside and behold the sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes that fill our world. So much of it we take for granted.

Receiving is being- being aware, being conscious, being with gratitude. True receiving is acknowledging what you are receiving whether it is the warmth of the sun, a smile, a laugh, and even the things we might consider undesirable – a rainy day, a flat tire, an angry boss – all of this we receive IF we are aware and conscious enough to know it and be it. It is in our willingness to receive, rather than resist that we can allow it to grow into something greater as a contribution to our living a life of meaning and fullness.

As we receive everything with gratitude, we create a more joyful response to living. What more can you receive today that you haven’t been willing to receive in the past?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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