The Andaman Sea and Me ~ Elfy Jo

This morning I got up really early to go for a sunrise walk on the beach. It all got a little philosophical I must say as the warm water and sand were playing with my feet and legs.

I stood in the water facing the sea and felt the pull of the sea when the water flowed back. I felt the power of the sea as the water flowed towards me.

I enjoyed the simple beauty of nature and the calm yet powerful sea. My body wanted to move even though my thoughts were a bit stagnant so I walked along the sea.

I simply noticed all the places where I felt stuck and acknowledged that I was/am the only ones keeping these energetic yet fake blocks in place. The easiest sign for me to tell when I’m not in flow is that my breath doesn’t seem to enter my body deeply.

This is very uncomfortable and focussing on this “issue” too hard makes it worse. So I let down my guard and asked nature to help me.

The sea showed me that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done with your life so far. All your steps will be erased anyway. Of course that doesn’t mean you should not care about these steps as you are taking them, but do know that there are a ton of different possibilities available with your next step.

And the next

And the next

And the next

My breath returned and I started to feel more connected to my body and the world.

I went back and had breakfast with my family. My body requested a nap so instead of fighting this awareness I listened and had a nap.

Now at noon I am up and writing to you, as I’m enjoying a cup of coffee and the sound of my kiddo’s and some adults splashing around in the pool right next to my room.

I will put on some sunscreen, wear a t-shirt and jump in to join the fun even though the UV level isn’t exactly at the level that my creamy complexion appreciates.

Just taking another step over here…… and another, and another, and another……


Elfy Jo

Radio Show Host of  Musical Magic With Elfy Jo

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