TV ~ The Journey To Healing, Wholeness, And Authenticity ~ T. Lynn

TV ~ The Journey To Healing, Wholeness, And Authenticity ~ T. Lynn

Thu. Apr 15 AT 3:00 pm EST

Conversations with Christina 

What are some of the things you can do to get to healing, wholeness, and authenticity

T. Lynn Tate, “The Wholeness Coach,” is a Talk Show Host, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Blogger, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and ThinkNetwork Global Female Empowerment Ambassador.

She is the founder of Qui 2 Life, a multi-media company specializing in Publishing and Online Broadcast Production. T. Lynn has over 20 years of experience serving the community with a background in outreach counseling, youth empowerment, women’s empowerment, self- development, holistic health, and life coaching.

T. Lynn is the host of Sip & Chat with T. Lynn and Penned The Writer’s Utopia. She is also a co-host on B to the 3rd Power. Currently she serves as a Global Female Empowerment Ambassador for ThinkNetwork, Europe’s #1 Empowerment platform. 

T. Lynn is also a phenomenal writer of multiple mediums, with a body of work recognized on both local and national platforms. She is the author of the novel, Recognizing The Real Me and a contributing author on several co-author book projects to include the recently released, Daily Dose of Declarations. Currently, T. Lynn uses her online broadcasts and writing platforms to promote healing, wholeness, and authenticity.

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~ More About Conversations with Christina ~ 

Conversations with Christina is designed to motivate, inspire, and encourage listeners and viewers to be and become their best self. Christina will use her unique talent, personal testimonies and triumph to teach the principals of self-love and human self-reflections.

Christina’s vision is to help one’s self to reach their highest potential and live the life of purpose that they have always imagine. With no more delay but through hard work, dedication and self-determination.

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