TV ~ The Importance Of Connections And Wellbeing ~ Michelle Williamson

TV ~ The Importance Of Connections And Wellbeing ~ Michelle Williamson

Thu. Apr 22 AT 3:00 pm EST

Conversations with Christina 

How important it is for connections between friends and family that might live somewhere else.

Michelle Williamson is a strong business advocate and has co-founded several web-based software solutions to simplify business processes. In her corporate days, she worked with public companies and internal teams on U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings, from technical requirements to rules and regulations. She has expertise in operations, project management, communications, training, and development. She has led operational readiness projects nationally that touched customer service, operations, sales, support, IT, and marketing and was the main point of contact for support escalation and service recoveries. Michelle leverages her past experiences to positively impact the amazing organizations and people they feel privileged to work with and genuine passion for helping. In her free time, Michelle enjoys gardening, coffee, and chia tea runs, baking with her two girls, and spending time with her husband Rob, also an Owner & Co-founder of Shipthrifty.

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~ More About Conversations with Christina ~ 

Conversations with Christina is designed to motivate, inspire, and encourage listeners and viewers to be and become their best self. Christina will use her unique talent, personal testimonies and triumph to teach the principals of self-love and human self-reflections.

Christina’s vision is to help one’s self to reach their highest potential and live the life of purpose that they have always imagine. With no more delay but through hard work, dedication and self-determination.

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