TV – Move On: Stop Staying for the Kids’ Sake ~ Rhonda Burns

TV – Move On: Stop Staying for the Kids’ Sake ~ Rhonda Burns

Mon. Mar 9 AT 11:10 pm EST

Rendezvous With Rhonda Radio Show

Are you in a failing relationship and choosing to stay for the kids’ sake? If so, this conversation is for you. This is a topic we have to look at from a very different perspective as adults. Because so many people stay in relationships and use the excuse of “staying together for the sake of the kids”; unfortunately, this can and often does, cause more harm than good. And from my own personal experience, plus witnessing the effects of this with others over the years, it’s time we get clear on why “staying for the kids’ sake” needs to end.

~ More About Rendezvous With Rhonda ~ 

Is your sex life, intimacy & are your relationships meeting you in ways that work exceptionally well for you? Better yet, how are YOU meeting them each and every day? Intentionally? Pleasurably? Powerfully? 

As a life-long witness to not just the mediocrity of traditional relationships, but the chronic breakdown of them, along with the waning and often non-existent sex lives of the partners, I’ve been on a quest to get down & dirty to the root of the  issues and what drives the majority of this. 

What an epic journey!

In a world filled with never-ending mixed messages, confusion, conflict and daily turmoil, it’s a wonder anyone really feels like they’re getting their emotional, physical and sexual needs fulfilled.  Welcome to the party known as Rendezvous with Rhonda! You could also call it, a Rendezvous with radical & revolutionary LOVE, with a healthy dose of down & dirty for good measure. 

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