TV ~ ¡Endiósate al instante! ~Yuryra Guzman 

TV ~ ¡Endiósate al instante! ~Yuryra Guzman 

Thu. Jul 8 AT 1:29 pm EST

Turn On Your Goddessness ~Yuryra Guzman 

¿Cómo puedes endiosarte en un instante? Endiosarte es estar en el espacio de la diosa que eres y crear y vivir desde ahi, sin permitir que eventos en tu vida te hagan salir de él. Todas vivimos momentos que retan nuestra Diosidad pero también tenemos herramientas para endiosarnos cuando esto sucede.

Yuryra’s Book: I’m Having It!

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~ More About Turn On Your Goddessness ~ Yuryra Guzman ~ 

Yuryra Guzman is a Master in Business and Personal Development, Consciousness Facilitator, Best-selling Author, International Inspirational Speaker, Goddess Mentor and Wizard in Relationships who inspires people around the world to choose to create a life where they are included and where joy, choice, ease and pleasure is possible.

Yuryra is in love with life and believes that no matter where you are in your life there is always a choice available to change, transform and create everything you desire. What if there is a reality beyond this reality that we can create? What if that is the reality you always knew was possible and somehow you forgot about it?

Yuryra travels the world impacting the lives of thousands of individuals in many countries with her knowledge, curiosity, intuition and allowance. She works with people around the world facilitating classes in-person and online on topics like empowerment, consciousness, sexuality, relationships, intimacy, entities, bodies and much more. She works also with clients 1 to 1 in their journey to create the life that works from them.

Her unique personality and sense of humor make her an extraordinary experience of joy, lightness and awareness.

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