TV – Choosing (Even if The Money Didn’t Show Up Yet)

TV – Choosing (Even if The Money Didn’t Show Up Yet)

Thu. Oct 14 AT 7:00 am EST

Raw & Real with Dr Lisa 

Yes, I get you. You’re choosing a class, event, food, travel that has an expansive energy and you can see how it will change your life for the better. But (and for some it’s a big BUT), it’s too much money.

How do you commit to getting something that will stretch you out of what you can pay at this moment? Is it investing in you? Is it creating a future debt? Are you willing to receive $400? And what about receiving $400,000? What makes one hard? And the other easy? Are you ready to get the cages off your life?

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~ More About Raw & Real with Dr Lisa ~ 

Dr Lisa Cooney is a Doctor of Psychology and Licensed Therapist with 25 years’ experience.  She is a bestselling Author and the creator of the ROAR™ (Radically Orgasmic Alive Reality) methodology to move beyond abuse & trauma.

Dr Lisa travels the world facilitating dynamic, fun, life changing classes that share practical tools and accompany people to actualize the lives they have always dreamed of and didn’t dare to hope to have.  And she always encourages others to choose different!

“Be You!  Beyond Anything! Create Magic!  Live your ROAR™!”

Dr. Lisa has empowered thousands of people in breaking free from all forms of abuse to create infinite possibilities for themselves and live a life they truly enjoy.

In her work, Dr. Lisa weaves an eclectic collage of cross cultural, multi-faith, collaborative and participatory spiritual approaches leading individuals towards tangible and practical results that change and transform their world.  She is strongly moved to bridging global discrepancies of conflict and violence through tangible forms of conscious, mindful communication and discourse.

She looks forward to guiding individuals to become their most authentic self, their highest light self.  Dr. Lisa invites people to remember who they really are and create their life according to that intrinsic knowing in loving and compassionate communion.

The author of three books:  Radically Alive Beyond Abuse, Lies of Money, and Creating After Abuse (coming Spring 2021!), Dr. Lisa is an internationally acclaimed facilitator, speaker, and group leader.

Come get Raw and Real with Maverick of Consciousness Dr Lisa!

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