TV ~ Break Through Limiting Beliefs! Build Your Bridge ~ Jackie Mott

TV ~ Break Through Limiting Beliefs! Build Your Bridge ~ Jackie Mott

Sat. Apr 16 AT 9:00 am EST

Time to Rise & Thrive with Jackie Mott 

When we are trying to manifest the things we desire in our lives and it’s just not working, how does that make you feel? Do you blame yourself and feel like you must be doing something wrong? Do you blame people and circumstances outside of your control? What if I told you that when that happens, it’s very rarely about any of that? That it may well be just that your limiting beliefs are not allowing those things to come to you, or that your limiting beliefs are causing you to not see the opportunities that are right in front of your eyes?

What we believe to be true will be true, even if it’s based on completely incorrect information, and we create the circumstances that will support the belief systems that we carry. That means it’s completely up to you! Let’s talk about it! Join Jackie Mott on this week’s episode of Time to Rise & Thrive and join in the conversation!

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~ More About Time to Rise & Thrive with Jackie Mott~ 

Jackie Mott is a Mindset Coach and a Facilitator of Change. She has a unique perspective that often challenges the status quo and believes that it’s never too late to start over, that as long as we are still breathing it is possible to create an entirely new way of being.

When Jackie’s sister died in a car accident in 2012, her world went into a tailspin that caused her to become a seeker. As she started to learn and explore who she truly was, she realized that sharing her gifts and her perspective helped people see things differently and heal.

Since then, she’s learned to embrace and develop her unique talents and abilities and has used them to become a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach and Inspirational Speaker. She practices mindfulness, gratitude, and radical personal responsibility and uses those skills to help people challenge their limiting beliefs and conditioning so they can create new ways of being from a place of choice and possibility.

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