TV ~ Are You The Happy Person Everybody Thinks Is Crazy?

TV ~ Are You The Happy Person Everybody Thinks Is Crazy?

Tue. Jun 29 AT 1:00 pm EST

Orgasmic Embodiment With Sayler 

Do you know someone who awakes happy, smiling and bouncy? Does it seem crazy someone can be that happy and energetic first thing in the morning, much less during the day or all day long? And do think of her/him as a Polly Anna because they see the silver lining to all the clouds? What if you could be happier? Would you? Join Sayler Shiningstar and her body for an enlightening and life changing conversation. Giving your body a voice and a choice.

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~ More About Orgasmic Embodiment With Sayler ~ 

Sayler Shiningstar is an energy whisperer and sexual healer, changing bodies simply by being the space, kindness and caring she naturally is. Orgasmic Embodiment was birthed out of Sayler’s body’s desire to bring about greater awareness of, for, and with bodies, what they desire and how a turned-on, orgasmic body is the prima materia of creation…quintessential!

Sayler is a mother, daughter, friend, nature and animal lover and steward. She is an Access Consciousness Bars & Energetic Facelift Facilitator, Happy Mouth Generative & Restorative Energetic Systems of Healing Facilitator, Akashic Records Consultant, Reiki Master, Rebirther, Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher and Co-creator of Infinite Possibilities with Horses.

For online and in-person sessions with Sayler Shiningstar, contact her via ~
email:, Facebook: Sayler Shiningstar, phone: +1 720.979.6781(in the USA), along with WhatsApp and Telegram

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