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Listen in for interesting & inspiring conversations about books, blogs, and the craft of writing from their creators.

For the aspiring writers, you just might find the inspiration to turn that dream of writing into a reality. At least you’ll discover that the craft of writing can be fun, life-altering and well worth the energy.

Host Carol Glover is the Author of “The Clumsy Girl’s Guide to Greatness”, Contributing Author in “The Power of Releasing Judgment“, a Blogger, Business Consultant and so much more!

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June 19, 2018-22nd Century Consciousness ~ Carol Glover

Igniting 22nd Century Consciousness Through Writing On Air ~ Carol Glover Carol Glover http://carolglover.ca/ Package: PDF of Carol's favorite writing tips ~ Value $25.00 Energetic reading for you and your written creation (either in progress or yet to be started) - I do these sessions by myself and record them for you to enjoy at your leisure. I then leave space for you to ask questions via email ~ Value...

January 26, 2018-How To Sell 10,000 Books ~ Guest Frank McKinley

Writing on Air Radio Show Can you imagine selling 10,000 books? How about 500? Join Carol and her Guest Frank McKinley as he shares his story about his books and how he came to sell over 20,000 copies!    Frank McKinley has been a writer since he could pick up a pen. When the boys his age were playing war with toy soldiers and pellet guns, he was designing magazines made of construction paper and crayons....

December 22, 2017-A Writer’s Best Friends ~ Host Carol Glover

Writing on Air Radio Show Whoever said writing is a solitary act ... wasn't doing it right! Or they are the cliche tortured writer-type: alone in a cold, dimly lit room with a bottle of scotch close at hand and a haunted look in their bloodshot eyes. I'm not sure if the red eyes are supposed to be from drinking or lack of sleep.    If you'd rather not be THAT kind of writer, join me to discover what (and who)...

December 8, 2017-Are You A Bulletproof Writer? Guest Blake Powell

Writing on Air Radio Show Are You A Bulletproof Writer? If you’ve been watching my blog lately, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been binge reading about writing and creativity.  One of the common threads I’ve noticed in all of my reading is the idea of writing community. In my post at https://writingonair.net/writing-community-difference/ I mention a number of Facebook groups that are a contribution to...

December 1, 2017-The Best Gifts for The Writer on Your List ~ Carol Glover

Writing on Air Radio Show Are you struggling to think of unique and meaningful gifts for the writer in your life? I completely understand! We writers can be a challenge to buy for ~ or so you'd think! Join me as I share some interesting ideas to make your writer feel inspired, loved and encouraged. In fact, I'd be tempted to call them The Best Gifts for The Writer on Your List! You'll never have to resort to giving...

September 22, 2017-Bad Advice for Writers ~ Carol Glover

Writing on Air Radio Show Writers often seek wisdom from professionals to help them write more, better, significantly ... blah blah blah. Some of what we get is simply bad advice for writers. Join me for this show where we’ll talk about the advice we've heard, the advice we've tried, and other deadly traps for writers. Carol will even share some of the best advice she's received & some of the things...

August 18, 2017-Chasing The Muse ~ Host Carol Glover

Writing on Air Radio Show   Do you find yourself spending more time looking for inspiration than you do writing? What is your muse for writing and how do you even know when you've found yours? And by the way, what's the point of a muse anyway?    Join Carol in this exploration of chasing the muse and where inspiration can really be found. For aspiring writers, you just might find the inspiration to turn...

June 30, 2017-Who Are You Writing For? ~ Guest Cheri Caddick

Writing on Air Radio Show   There are so many reasons WHY we write: self expression or exploration, business, instruction, the list goes on. Have you ever considered WHO you are writing for? Does that make a difference in HOW you write? Join Carol and her Guest Cheri Caddick as they explore the WHO's of writing.    Cheri Caddick (formerly, Cheri L. R. Taylor) holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing from...

June 16, 2017-Note to Self: Empowerment ~ Guest Trina Hall

Writing on Air Radio Show   Join Carol and her Guest Trina Hall this week as they discuss Trina's 7 Steps to Help You Find Your True Self, Purpose, and Power Within. In her book "Note to Self: Empowerment," Trina balances vulnerability, compassion and unwavering strength to inspire, motivate and empower you. While being enthralled by her compelling story, she provides profound wisdom, incredible insights,...

June 9, 2017-Gratitude: The Space Between Seconds ~ Guest Lorene Hughes

Writing on Air Radio Show   Join Carol this week as she and her Guest Lorene Hughes talk about Gratitude. What's the big deal about it anyway?   Lorene Hughes is a New Zealand born creator of possibilities. The eldest of her siblings, Lorene Hughes made the courageous choice to follow her heart and move to Australia in 2010. With no family to meet her, and knowing no one in Adelaide besides a contact from her...