Work and A Life ~ Carol Glover

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Host ~ Carol Glover

Do you ever feel like you’re playing the game of life and it’s just not happening the way you know it could?

Does it feel like everyone’s playing with the wrong set of rules, rules they don’t even need?

And aren’t games supposed to be fun! Let’s get back to fun please.



October 29, 2014-Creative Energy … In Me? with Guest Cheri L.R. Taylor

Did you know that you're already wonderfully creative? Would you like to bring even more creativity into your life? Join Carol and her guest, Author and Creativity Coach, Cheri L.R. Taylor as we discuss the multitude of forms creativity can take and how to bring even more creativity into your every day. Cheri has played and worked in creative energy for many years and has seen first-hand the way it shifts ideas,...

October 22, 2014-Partnership with the Universe

You say you want change, you seek out information and guidance to achieve it and still nothing works. You play and replay your situation through your head all day - and maybe even all night - and still nothing changes. You tell your friends about it, you lament your sad state of affairs on Facebook even. Or do you lie and tell everyone that things are fabulous and then find more ways to judge yourself? Are you...

October 15, 2014-Tired of Humble Pie

Are you caught between claiming your awesomeness and being humble? Are you not wanting to make others feel small, or are you dumbing yourself down to make others comfortable with you? Are you tired of being humble? Did you know you can claim your magic, show your magic, share your magic without being an arrogant jerk about it? Join Carol as we explore the ways to allow yourself to be the contribution you're...

October 8, 2014-One Voice to Change The World

Do you ever wonder if your single voice (or talent, or capacity) can make a difference? Meet “Peace and Love Heidi”, recently she opened a shop in the village of Ferndale Ontario with the vision of creating a healing, uplifting, and community based place. From my first conversation with Heidi and watching how people are drawn to her and her store, I knew she was a shining example of how one person truly can...

September 24, 2014-Ascension, Healing, Self Love & More: Q&A with guest Esther Bartkiw

This week I am thrilled to interview one of my guides, Esther Bartkiw, with questions like: What is the purpose of ascension? Can I really be healed energeticially? Why is self love important? ... and more. Esther is a Facilitator of Change, Transformation and Consciousness. She is a Spiritual Mentor, Core Belief Engineering and Energy Vortex Practitioner, Channel, Speaker, Writer, Star Seed. Esther works with...

September 17, 2014-Family Jewels

Do you like your family? Some of it? All of it? None of it? Would you be willing to acknowledge all aspects of it and be in allowance of everything family is to you? Family can either drive you crazy or be your inspiration – sometimes it’s both. Whether your family is big or small, close or extended, chances are they give you plenty to talk about and lots to think about. In this show Carol discusses the ups and...

September 10, 2014-You Know You Know – You Know?

You've followed all the rules: good grades, good job, married well, good kids, yet you're still dazed and confused about why you're not as happy or successful as you should be (because you followed all the rules!). Still seeking and still not finding - that one answer to fix it all. Do you find yourself with that nagging feeling that there must be another way to get happy & successful but you just can't...

September 3, 2014-Beyond Spirituality

By request, we'll be continuing our discussion from last week "What's Spirituality Got to Do With It?" In this show we'll be exploring what could be possible if we were to drop our definitions of religion & spirituality. What could be possible if you dismissed the constructs of both and allowed yourself to be in connection with everything - without rules, without judgement or definition? Are you willing to be...

August 27, 2014-What’s Spirituality Got To Do With It?

I've spent a lot of time exploring the worlds of religion & spirituality and usually I found myself grasping onto bits and pieces but something was always "not quite right" for me. In this - perhaps controversial - show, I'll share my thoughts, ponderings, confusions and musings about religion, spirituality and does any of it matter anyway? During the show I will invite you into some other perspectives that...

August 20, 2014-Where How’s and Why’s Don’t Matter

So often we get caught up in "Why does this happen to me" and "How am I going to get this done" that we forget where we are and what's really happening. That's living life in your head … and how's that working for you? In this conversation, Carol will invite you to the space and place of knowing where the how's and why's don't matter. We'll explore the energetic difference between "how" as the question and "what...