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Is your life calling you to more? Do you sense that even though you have some things in your life that you desire, and despite being grateful for all that you have, you still wonder ‘What Else’???

Have you ever wondered why living isn’t way more fun?

Laurie Laursen



March 30, 2016-Going Out With Gratitude!

The Beauty and gift of gratitude! www.laurielaursen.com ~ lovelylaurie17@gmail.com ~...

March 23, 2016-Is It Possible to Stop Caring? with Laurie Laursen

When people around you have disappointed you or hurt you in some way, you just want to scream, cry, and run away from them.  Then put up walls and barriers to never let that happen again.  And then you find the solution... Yep... You just won't care for them ever again and that will protect you from getting hurt.   Does this sound familiar to you?  I know it is so much so for me, a million times so! I have...

March 16, 2016-Are You Stuck in Understanding Mode?

In this reality we are taught that we must understand before we can fix or change anything, that in order to move forward we must get all the different angles, understand it all and then fix or change it to make it better before we can move on. Is that really true?  Or is there a different possibility?  Come and join me as I talk about tips and tools that can give you more freedom that you ever knew...

March 9, 2016-Does Change Freak You Out?

My kids are growing up.... I just got laid off  and need to get another job....  My parent/sibling/friend just passed away and how do I deal with this? Change is inevitable and can be a beautiful thing, yet we so often resist it, or down right dislike it, on a daily basis. Is it possible to have more ease with change?  Yes!! For SURE!! Come and join me as we look at change and what else is possible to...

March 2, 2016-What are You Sick & Tired Of?

I am so sick & tired of work, parenting, crazy drivers, making lunches, volunteering, others not helping me, and so much more!!!  Do you get it??  Haven't we ALL felt this way at sometime or another?? What if being sick & tired of things is actually creating more of that in your world?  What are you saying Laurie??  Do you think this is crazy? Well join me as we look at this, and see how more ease...

February 24, 2016-Gifts dressed Up like Poo!!

OMG!  The tub broke!  #truestory  If you knew how much I love baths you would know this is a very bad thing in my world!! ha ha The bathroom reno guy is not getting back to us!  It's 8 weeks now and WTF?!?! This really happened recently and what felt an incredibly shitty experience came with gifts all over the place! Want to know more? Join me as we look at how these crazy things in life can be poo...

February 17, 2016-Bullying, Is it just for Kids?

In this day and age bullying appears to be such a concern for so many people, especially parents who's children are bullied.  Parents are losing children to suicide due to the kids just not able to take it anymore. I truly wonder what else is possible with bullying....  I have some ideas, so I would love it if you would join me on this show, so we could look at and talk about this subject that causes so much...

February 10, 2016-A City Girl Living in the Country

I was born in the big city and lived there until I was almost 13 when my family moved to a small town of 2400.....  At that time if you would have told me I was going to marry a farmer AND live on a farm one day, I would have told you that you were CRAZY!!! Well I did marry a farmer, and I do live on a farm.  Ha ha..... What I love about having lived in different types of communities was the gift of...

February 3, 2016-Being You – The Most Valuable Product

I was on Facebook the other day and someone posted "What if one day we lived in a world where being you was the most valuable product?"   Now I am sure it was Megan Hill who said this in a class she facilitated, and my words may not be exactly correct, but hopefully you will get the energy of what I got from the post I read. I got so excited about this concept and thought 'Yup this will be my next radio show...

January 27, 2016-Is Now The Time?

Is now the time for that book?  Take that class?  Go on a trip?  Quit your job? Do you struggle with this from time to time?  When is the right time to make these or other choices? Come and join me as we dive into this subject and I will give you tools and tips that can assist you in knowing when the time is right for you! How does it get any better than that?! www.laurielaursen.com ~...
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