The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins


The world has become “intensely noisy”.  People everywhere are seeking insights and inspiration that will bring clarity, connection and congruency to their business and life. Does this resonate with you? Have you ever found yourself in this position?

The SOAR Experience will curate and cultivate the strategy+soul™. Success Strategist Laurie Hawkins will leverage her 25+ years of award-winning business experience to guide you on a journey of discovering new perspectives, mind-shifts and possibilities.

Laurie Hawkins is a Certified Business Success Strategist, Speaker, Facilitator, Radio Show Host and a Catalyst for guiding organizations, entrepreneurs and leaders to build revenue, results and raving fans.


September 9, 2019-The Business Word: How to Speak for Success ~ Guest Sarah Hilton

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins Change is constant in the world of business today. With technology, worldwide connections and pressure to do more, be more and deliver more there is still one element of business building that is essential – communication. In order to stand out from the crowd, build better and more confident teams, businesses across the world are recognizing the key to engaging with...

September 2, 2019-Mastering Everyday Resilience ~ Guest Allison Graham

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins Allison delivers fresh, relevant concepts to inspire audiences to master everyday resilience. Her message will positively impact how you approach stress, obstacles and adversity. Allison Graham is on mission to inspire professionals to master resilience, so that they can better navigate change, lower unnecessary and unhealthy stress, and use their obstacles to propel...

August 26, 2019-Feeling on Purpose ~ Guest Monique MacDonald

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins What if you could create a life where you knew, without a doubt, that you were making a difference and on the right path? Every person on the planet has had moments of feeling lost, unfulfilled, stuck or trapped in a situation at work, in a relationship, or in life in general – that’s NORMAL and that’s part of our human experience. But if you feel that way more...

August 19, 2019-Spark Your Creativity for Sales ~ Laurie Hawkins

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins Creativity is something that we all have an innate human need for. When we open up our minds to creativity, we are able to find solutions easier, maintain stronger relationships, be more collaborative, find greater excitement in work, think of innovative ideas, inspire others, build balance and so much more. Some people are wonderful at expressing their creativity by...

August 12, 2019-The Unsexy Truth That Will Grow Your Business ~ Guest Alyssa Light

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins Marketing is About Belonging. Let’s deflate the elephant in the room: Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated; it has to be strategic and intentional. In this session we’ll park the elevator speeches and put the accelerator on positioning statements. Positioning statements can be used throughout your marketing and, when carefully crafted, will draw...

August 5, 2019-Pain, Parenting & Podiums: Insights You Can Take Anywhere ~ Guest Heather Reid

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins Growing up in an era of “being seen and not heard”, Heather Reid has learned to use “her voice” to candidly share her life’s journey of tremendous blessings and incredible pain in a very candid, yet inspirational, way. Sharing her powerful story of transformation and evolution, Heather speaks about the pain of sexual violence as a young person, the parenting...

July 29, 2019-Awaken Awareness: Change Your Life ~ Guest Betty Mae Glen

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins Are you looking for an external solution to an internal problem? If you could change anything in your life, what would that be? Betty Mae Glen will breathe fresh air into your life. Her full-hearted approach inspires individuals and groups to Build Brighter Brains, Get outta the Struggle, Heal their Hearts, And Fall in Love with Life again. She’s an expert in...

July 22, 2019-Design Your Reality ~ Guest Tracy Fischer

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins A Spa Experience for your Soul and Finances Tracy Fischer - After many years of building 5 year plans for her friends and family - Tracy has decided to bring her experience, and passion to the masses who want to really live the life they want to live (Actually). We will discuss her strategies, visions and how she can not only help millennials, but also give clarity to busy,...

July 8, 2019-Prioritize with Pleasure for Sales Success ~ Laurie Hawkins

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins Have you ever felt like you spent the entire day answering customer questions and didn't spend any time on new potential opportunities in your business? Have you found it difficult to grow your business in the way you desire? Prioritization is the essential skill that you need to make the very best use of your resources. It's also a skill that you need to create calmness so...

July 1, 2019-Change Your Questions, Change Your Life ~ Laurie Hawkins

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins What do you think engages and creates a lasting impression on someone that you have just met? Most people believe we connect with people by saying the right thing or providing them with new information. The compelling truth is that asking meaningful questions is far more impactful. Powerful questions can immediately help you win more business, deepen your relationships,...