The Irreverent Therapists ~ Marilyn Bradford & Pam Houghteling

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What if living didn’’t have to be so serious? What if you could actually move beyond your problems with greater ease than you ever imagined? Throw your labels out the window, and join us for practical tips and a very different way of approaching the changes you would like to in see your life.

Marilyn Bradford and Pam Houghteling


February 25, 2015-When It’s Time To Leave

Have you ever stayed in a job for too long?  Hung onto a relationship way past the time it was fun and expansive?  Have you ever known you wanted to move but stayed in the same old house in the same old town even when it seemed to be draining energy from you? Knowing when to leave and actually taking the action to do so is difficult for most people.  For one thing, many people believe that longevity is...

February 4, 2015-What If You Were Your Best Valentine? ~ Marilyn Bradford & Pam Houghteling

Have you ever been around an infant? Do they question their right to ask for what they want? Do they play small in hopes of disappearing into the background? Are they constantly berating themselves for getting it wrong? Of course not! All of that comes later after we buy into the idea of the inherent wrongness of us. What if you could return to that certainty of your younger self that KNEW you deserved to be who you...

January 28, 2015-Beyond Traditional Addiction And Recovery ~ Marilyn Bradford & Pam Houghteling

What if everything you’ve ever heard about addiction and recovery was actually a myth or a lie?  What if addiction is not a disease, and those who choose it – yes choose it – are not bad, wrong, weak or powerless but simply lack accurate tools and information to deal with what’s going on in their lives? What if addiction covers much more than alcohol and drugs?  How much change would be created if more of...

January 21, 2015-Is Your Anxiety Getting The Best of You? ~ Pam Houghteling & Marilyn Bradford

Do you believe you suffer from anxiety? Panic attacks? What if you and the doctors and everyone else who have labeled your symptoms as anxiety were not accurate? What if you have not been able to change the “anxiety” and it’s symptoms because it’s not anxiety at all, but something else? Remember, you can’t change something that is not what you’ve decided it is! Would you be willing to explore other...

January 14, 2015-Winter Blues or Winter Brights? ~ Marilyn Bradford & Pam Houghteling

Got the winter blues? Now that the holidays are over and credit cards are due, do gray days and the blahs seem to be the norm? Perhaps the holidays didn’t live up to your expectations. Do you think you’re depressed? What if something entirely different is going on? What if this is actually an opportunity to step into having and being more of you? Join us for a very different approach to the “mood”...

January 7, 2015-What Is The Purpose Of Money?

What’s money for anyway?  How do you view it?  Is it something evil here to tempt us to do ungodly things?  Have you ever used it to prove anything?  Is it a symbol of what you can’t have or your failure or even your success?  Is it a way for you to “do good”?  What if the purpose of money was none of those things?  What else could it be?  Join us for an interesting discussing as we unravel the lies...

December 31, 2014-Why Don’t My Actions Match My Choices? Pam Houghteling & Marilyn Bradford

Does any of this sound familiar?  OK  – I’m going to lose 20 pounds, get my records and taxes in order, be nicer to my kids, start that new business, go back to school, etc. then you find yourself gorging yourself, while you watch TV and yell at your sons?  And then, of course, you have to judge yourself for all of that! What’s going on?  Are you really a no good slacker, or is there something else that...

December 24, 2014-What If YOU are the gift? with Marilyn Bradford & Pam Houghteling

What If YOU are the gift? The holiday season is upon us, and with it the pressure to buy everyone the perfect gift.  Did it ever occur to you that you might be a gift more precious than anything you could buy?  Does that sound totally silly, corny and crazy to you?  Are you doing an “Oh Please…….?” Most of us don’t have a clue as to who we really are and what contribution we make and can make. Come...

December 17, 2014-Thriving Through The Holidays ~ Marilyn Bradford & Pam Houghteling

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but it can’t compete with your family….Well maybe it’s not that bad, but do you find yourself changing or limiting yourself in any way to fit into the old traditions and roles of the holidays? Do you ever go into survival mode, maybe finding a few things you enjoy but basically waiting until it’s all over? What if you could thrive through the holidays? What if you could...

December 10, 2014-What Are You Forcing Into Or Out Of Existence? ~ Marilyn Bradford & Pam Houghteling

You get an idea, you get excited, then you think about how to put it into existence. Do you ask questions, allow things to shift and change, or do you become the ramrod that’s going to make this thing come out the way you’ve decided it should be? How often have you tried to force things into existence only to find that they blow up in your face or don’t turn out anything like you wanted it to? What if you...
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