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The Health Connection

Many of us are taking health care into our own hands. The information is readily available. So why is it NOT working?  By tuning into THE HEALTH CONNECTION radio show you’ll learn how to build a strong body from the inside out. Are you ready to connect to your health?

Hosts Dr. Colin, Dr. Erika and Dr. Julia


June 11, 2014-Top 5 Reasons People See Our Chiropractor

Think Chiropractors only treat the spine? Not so. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover the reasons people see Dr. Julia and Dr. Colin. Maybe your chronic nagging ailment made the list? You can reach Your Health Connection at...

June 4, 2014-Top 5 Complaints

Who sees a Naturopath anyways? A very common question Erika gets asked. Listen and discover the TOP 5 complaints that motivate people to see a Naturopath, at least according to Dr....

May 28, 2014-Confessions of the Doctors

Ever wonder if doctors walk the walk? What do they really do when no one is looking? Join Dr. Colin and Dr. Erika as we spill all!! A great time to join us to find out our little indulgences.

May 21, 2014-Building YOUR Health Care Team

Do you know you can build your own health care team? Health care is evolving and there is not one single person that can address all of your health care needs. It is imperative to put together a group of individuals you trust to give you sound advice and point you in the right direction. Join Dr. Colin and Dr. Erika to discover why a good health care team is about the people in it and not necessarily the...

May 14, 2014-Clean Eating

Wondering what diet to follow? Tired of counting calories and looking at the ingredient list? Try Clean Eating. This is a relatively new term that describes getting back to the basics of eating real food. Join Dr. Erika and Dr. Colin as they discuss Clean Eating. Learn how to implement it into your daily life not just at home but on the...

May 7, 2014-Constitutional Medicine: Why you can’t live without it!

Join Dr. Erika and Robbin Coedy, a leader in the field, as they discuss why YOU can't live out constitutional medicine! Learn how to read your body's clues when your constitution is weakening and how to strengthen this foundation to help prevent disease progression and live at optimum health. A strong consitution gives you more energy, faster recovery from acute illness and an increased JOIE DE...

April 30, 2014-The Health Food Store Myth

Think your health food should make you healthy? Me too. But what are you really putting in your mouth? Listen to Dr. Erika and Dr. Colin as they tell you 9 Foods that are commonly mistaken for healthy alternatives.

April 23, 2014-Move Right with your FEET

We used to say you need at least 30 - 60 mins of exercise a day. This still has some truth to it but we now suggest to get SOME movement in during the day. This movement can be stretching, walking, dancing, biking, really anything. We all need to move! Regardless of the type of movement our FEET are the base of support for almost every movement we do. Dr. Colin and Dr. Julia are speaking about FEET. They are...

April 9, 2014-Breathe Your Way to Health

20,000 is the number of breathes the average person takes. It is done automatically. If for some reason we forget we yawn! Breathing properly is the ONLY way to get oxygen into our bodies and expel carbon dioxide out of our bodies. So why are we never taught to do this well? Think your fitness instructor will correct you? Think again. Most of us are in a constant state of hyperventilation. Listen and learn...

April 2, 2014-Pillar of Health – Poop with Drs Colin Leis, Erika Holenski & Julia Callaghan

Everyone need to know the importance of the Gastro-Intestinal track! It is the body's most intimate connection to the outside world. Everything we ingest affects the health of this long tube. Actually everything we think can affect it too. Does the phrase "nervous tummy" or "shy bowels" sound familiar? The reverse is true as well. That's right, our thoughts and feelings can be a result of the GI track. So for more...
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