The Ads Maven with Jenn Possick


“I know Facebook Ads have been effective for others, but they are too hard and too confusing.”

“I’m running ads now, but I think they could convert for a better cost.”

“My attempts at Facebook Ads were terrible. Every once in a while, I’ll boost a post, but they’ve ended up being a complete waste of money.”

Can you relate?

The Ads Maven, Jenn Possick is here to help by sharing the secrets behind making Facebook and Instagram ads work for you – to get thousands of new subscribers onto your email list and to sell your products and services to your existing audience online.



October 16, 2019-Testing Funnels Organically ~ Guest Career & Business Coach Liz M Lopez

The Ads Maven with Jenn Possick Radio Show The best way to know if your Facebook and Instagram ads are going to work? By testing your funnels organically first. Career & Business coach, Liz M. Lopez did just that through The Ads Maven, Jenn Possick’s guidance during List Building Ads Lab and had amazing results! As an elite Resume Designer & Executive Coach, Liz created a free report sharing the...

October 9, 2019-Running Ads For A Vegan Snacks Business ~ Guest Amanda Girton

The Ads Maven with Jenn Possick Radio Show Amanda Girton started working with Jenn Possick - The Ads Maven in her List Building Ads Lab group coaching to grow her email list for Slow Foods Kitchen, where they craft raw, vegan snacks that carnivores love. Amanda quickly became Jenn's star student, learning how to create Facebook ads that work, capture leads, and foster sales from her email list, WITHOUT wasting any...

October 2, 2019-STOP Wasting Money Boosting Posts + What to Do Instead ~ Jenn Possick

The Ads Maven with Jenn Possick Radio Show When you press Boost Post 95% of the time you're giving your money away to Zuckerberg. Let's talk about why you stop boosting posts and what you should do instead to run effective and profitable Facebook + Instagram Ads. ~ More About The Ads Maven with Jenn Possick ~  Jenn Possick is a Facebook and Instagram Ads strategist, coach and speaker for...

September 25, 2019-The Ads Maven Kick-Off Show! ~ Jenn Possick

The Ads Maven with Jenn Possick Radio Show The Ads Maven comes to the Inspired Choices Network. Join host, Jenn Possick as she is interviewed by ICN’s own Christine McIver. Learn the secrets to running effective and profitable Facebook and Instagram ads. The site Jenn mentioned during the live show: ~ More About The Ads Maven with Jenn Possick ~  Jenn Possick is...